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Long term travel planning

Empowering families to tackle their travel wish lists together


We only have 18 summers with our kids. Let’s make them count.

Kids grow up in a blink. We believe in making every childhood summer matter... and that starts the day they’re born. It’s never too soon - or too late - to introduce children to the magic of family travel and make memories amid the beauty of our world.

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Think less last-minute and more long-term.

Our advisors can help you craft a long-range travel plan that ensures you visit the places on your bucket list in a way that makes sense for your family. We take ages, stages and seasons into account as we map out your goals and design your vacations to meet them, year after year.

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Adopt a new mindset

You don’t have to choose between having kids and traveling the world.

"My kids are too young and won’t appreciate the trip. "

Traveling with small children pays off in countless ways.

While it’s true that little ones may not remember a family vacation, the lifelong benefits are well worth the tradeoff. Traveling while they’re young helps to plant the seeds of openness, adaptability, confidence and curiosity, invaluable qualities that will only strengthen as you explore the world together over the years. We know the best destinations for small children and can help you plan a vacation that meets their needs as well as yours.

"My kids will be bored — they’re different ages and we can’t entertain them all."

Our itineraries bridge the age gap.

We can design your trip to take a wide range of interests into account and include sights and hands-on activities that engage each of the kids equally. Many of our staff have families with large age discrepancies, so we know firsthand how to balance an itinerary in a way that keeps everyone happy.

"Travel with kids is stressful and can be unsafe."

We take the hassle out of family vacations.

Every trip has its moments, but our custom itineraries are crafted to flow seamlessly and keep you one step ahead of common travel hiccups. We’ll set a pace that’s as relaxed or as busy as you like. Plus, we can also help you choose a destination where you’ll feel comfortable and arrange travel insurance that gives you peace of mind in the unlikely event of an emergency. You’ve got this, and we’ve got your back.

Oh, the places you want to go...

Want a taste of what long-term travel planning might look like for your family? Use our interactive tool to create a sample schedule that maps out trips on your bucket list by available school vacation period … then contact our Family Advisor Team to make them happen!

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2. Where do you want to go?

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Time is our most precious commodity and it’s the one thing we have with our children that we can’t get back once it’s gone. Vacation away from day-to-day schedules give families meaningful time to connect and be present with one another. Once kids go to school, our time together becomes more limited, so the trick is to make each and every school holiday count. Here’s a look at the free time you have left with your kids based on their ages and a sample of how your wish list fits into the different school break periods.

This is just the start of how to approach long-term travel planning. Ciao Bambino offers a dedicated service that creates a roadmap to reference of where to visit when, saving families time and ensuring that they take full advantage of travel opportunities through the years.


Raising Global Citizens Takes Planning

The first step to making your travel dreams a reality: Determine how much time you have before the kids are grown and flown.

Girl running on an Italian street

The Jordan Family Travel Plan


Best to visit in the: Spring / Summer / Fall
  • Luke, 9
  • Olivia, 7
Summer Vacation

This is the children’s first trip to Europe, and Italy is the perfect place to dive in! You’ll explore ancient ruins in Rome, learn to make pasta in Tuscany and take a gondola-rowing lesson in Venice. Our vetted private guides will introduce you to Italy’s history and art in a kid-friendly way.

Costa Rica

Best to visit in the: Spring
  • Luke, 10
  • Olivia, 8
Spring Break Trip

The kids are crazy about animals. Here you’ll see toucans, howler monkeys, sloths and more, plus explore cloud forests and volcanoes. You’ll also have an opportunity to volunteer at an animal rehabilitation center, go whitewater rafting and zipline through the tree canopy.


Best to visit in the: Summer
  • Luke, 11
  • Olivia, 9
Summer Vacation

Alaska may be part of the 50 States, but it feels a world away. In addition to spotting wildlife like bald eagles, whales, orcas, bears and moose, you can get up close to glaciers and learn about the history of Alaska’s native peoples. Kayaking, hiking and other activities satisfy your love of the outdoors.

Galápagos Islands

Best to visit in the: Spring / Winter / Fall
  • Luke, 12
  • Olivia, 10
Spring Break Trip

Eco-tourism is more important than ever, so now’s the time to get the kids on board. On a small-ship cruise through the Galápagos, you’ll get the chance to see conservation in action, thanks to the incredible variety of species here that you can’t find anywhere else on the planet. This is more than just a vacation — it’s a learning experience for life.


Best to visit in the: Year Round
  • Luke, 13
  • Olivia, 11
Summer Vacation

The children are ready to venture to Asia, and Japan is on everyone’s bucket list. Begin by immersing yourselves in the varied neighborhoods of bustling, high-tech Tokyo before you board a bullet train to ancient Kyoto. You will stay in a traditional ryokan, visit Buddhist temples as well as Shinto shrines and learn to cook classic Japanese dishes in a family home.


  • Luke, 14
  • Olivia, 12
Summer Vacation

Safari time! Safe and accessible, Botswana is just the place, as its its diverse landscape (desert, delta, grasslands and savannas) means the wildlife is among the most varied in Africa. Spot cheetahs, elephants, zebras and other creatures on game drives in the Okavango Delta, then return to a luxury camp each night to relax.


Best to visit in the: Winter
  • Luke, 15
  • Olivia, 13
Winter Vacation

Our winter is Australia’s summer, so pack your bags and spend the holidays Down Under now that the kids are experienced enough to handle a long-haul flight. Tour the Sydney Opera House and climb the Harbour Bridge; visit Uluru from a luxury resort in the Outback; and snorkel along the Great Barrier Reef.

How it Works

We’ll build a long-term travel plan personalized for your family’s dreams of the destinations and experiences they want to have together.

Learning About Your Family

Take a Survey

We’ll ask you to share travel goals and preferences via a tool created just for long-term travel planning.

Long-Term Planning Begins

Collaborate with a CB! Travel Advisor

A CB! Advisor will work with you to craft a travel plan that maps out the priority trips to be taken over years, factoring in the age of your children, seasonality, and available vacation time.

Travel Dreams Become Reality!

Receive a Comprehensive Travel Plan

Your travel portfolio and guide to an ideal long-term schedule for your trips will be shared. Your CB! Advisor will follow up with you to design and book travel, as needed.

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