Thumbs Up for Kidzsack Travel Bag

kidzsack eco travel amenity

Kidzsack sent us one of their backsacks to review. Yes, it’s a “backsack” not a backpack. It has a double drawstring closure instead of a zipper, but fits on your back like a backpack. The Kidzsack comes with a set of washable markers with the idea that you can wash and recolor it.

I handed the Kidzsack over to the best reviewers for the job – my 5 and 7-year-old kids. We had the sea life design which appealed to both of them and they were able to do some of the coloring together without fighting. However, when it came time to try it out in the real world, it was too small for my 7-year-old; it fit perfectly on my 5-year-old so we’d recommend it  for the pre-school crowd. My daughter also had a little trouble closing the drawstrings, so she used it mainly for carrying her stuffed animals around like a baby carrier.

The Kidzsack is made from 100% recycled cotton and poly and is surprisingly thick and durable. After we colored and used it for a couple of weeks, we washed it to see if we really could recolor it. As with most washable markers, we had a little residual color left but the kids were eager to recolor it, so we have a “new” Kidzsack now.

I wouldn’t replace a backpack for a Kidzsack for practicality, but it’s a fun gift and project that keeps on giving!

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