Italy’s Best Places for Moms (Dads and Kids too)

Susan Van Allen writes about Italian travel and interviewed me for her book, 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go.  I finally had time to sit down with her book on vacation this summer.  Wow, what an inspirational resource for all of us who have a love affair with all that is Italian!

Susan writes about Italy’s feminine spirit and describes the places and experiences that transform travelers. Her description of Italy as a place that “brings peace and comfort, a place that stirs that soul” is applicable to both sexes and all ages.

I’m one of those travelers that struggles to read a guide book before arriving in a place. This book is different. The historical facts presented read like a story — the details are a joy to peruse and Susan communicates the heart and soul of all that she covers.

She categorizes all the various experiences vs. organizing the book by destinations. I love this — saints, villas, gardens, caffes, gelato, shopping, beauty treatments, spas, beaches, culture — glorious suggestions are easy to access and digest. The presentation is user-friendly with useful tips (including relevant links for reservations) and recommended reading.

This guide doesn’t cover traveling with kids in detail, but this is precisely the beauty of family travel in Italy — many of Italy’s best experiences appeal to all ages and interests in one way or another. For more information visit

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