Italy Through Kids Eyes

One of our clients traveled through Italy two years ago for 3 weeks — at the time their kids were 6 and 8. They loved their experience so much that they are doing it all over again this year — this time for 7 weeks! Lucky people …

I thought it would be fun to interview the kids on their experience and what they are looking forward to for this trip. Kids experience travel differently than we do … their answers are fun and telling.

Bios from Mom

Annabelle, almost 10, loves Italy and everything about it and she has been looking forward to going back this entire school year. She loves to travel in general. She also plays the clarinet, does karate, and loves all kinds of art – she even held her own art show last winter (in our home). When she grows up, Annabelle would like to be a good drawer and have a farm in Italy or Cape Cod.

Trebor, age 8, also loves Italy and it’s the only place he likes fruit. Treb likes to explore new places, but prefer just to be there already and not have to travel to get there. At home, Trebor loves sports, especially soccer, baseball, and karate. He also has quite an imagination and can come up with some great stories. When he grows up, Trebor would like to be an inventor.

What was your favorite part of the trip and why?

Trebor: Gelato! and our hotel in Milan (Hyatt). I love seeing what our rooms look like. I also liked playing at the beach in Cinque Terre and seeing the Mummies in Rome (Vatican Museum). The food is so much yummier in Italy. In one word: Everything.

Annabelle: The food! It’s so yummy especially the fruit and gelato. I also liked meeting new friends in Cinque Terre and playing with them at the beach. My favorite sites were the Colosseum and walking on the roof of that church (the Duomo in Milan).

Your Mom worked really hard to put to the trip together – did you participate in the planning too? How?

Trebor: Yes, sometimes. My mom would sometimes offer 2 choices and we’d get to choose what to do. We did like looking at the map my mom labeled with our trip. I looked at that a lot.

Annabelle: I don’t know. Does what Trebor said really count?

Are there things you didn’t like and that you hope will be different for the trip this year?

Trebor: The hotel that smelled like smoke (Verona at Hotel Gabbia d’Oro – they moved us immediately). I can’t think of anything else.

Annabelle: I hope we don’t go in the boring museums.

What are some things you learned traveling that really stand out for you?

Trebor: That Rome was burned to the ground and that Ceasar was killed.

Annabelle: That’s hard to answer. I don’t remember a lot because it was 2 years ago, but I remember the gladiators the most. I thought their costumes were interesting especially that funny hat they wore with the fluffy red thing on top. I know I liked noticing the differences in things there compared to home.

What are you most excited about for the trip this year?

Trebor: Going on a the trains and new hotels in Italy – I can’t wait to see Italy again: eating, swimming, walking and seeing everything. I am so excited that we’re staying at the same hotel in Cinque Terre – I love the beach and playground there.

Annabelle: The food! I’m also excited to go to Sorrento. I’m also hoping I’ll get to see if Julia will be at Cinque Terre again (an Italian friend made on the trip).

What items do you bring with you when you go on trips that you find most valuable?

Trebor: Cheese Sandwich (stuff dog), binoculars (bought last time in Verona), jump rope.

Annabelle: Hootenanny and Douglas (2 stuffed lovies), my iPhone so I can watch movies and play games while we travel around, lots of pennies for the fountains!

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  • Hello, I have recently booked a 6 day holiday in Sorrento, we will be travelling from London but we live in Perth,Australia. We would lovw some advise travelling here, we are travelling with 3 children who will be 4,5,9.
    I have read alot of reviews about travelling to italy with Children. We are not bothered about long stretchs of beaches. We have booked our flights and a cute little villa called Villa Carolina. Any advise would be great re Sorrento and the areas around. We are also staying in Naples for 1 day/night because of our flights times. We havent booked accomadation yet? What would u see in just 1 day there?? Thank you Mel

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