To Parents, From Kids: Our Best Travel Tips

Parents are always the ones who are dishing out travel tips on how to travel with kids. I thought it would be fun to pass the microphone over to the other experts … kids!

Just “asking” kids for their tips may not be good enough to inspire the best thinking, so we asked our friends at Barefoot Books to provide a little motivation.

The result? Hello, great giveaway just for kids!

Barefoot Books Giveaway

Barefoot Books is an award-winning publisher of children’s books; their mission is to get kids to think more about exploring our planet and the global community – a match made in heaven for families who prioritize travel and think of it as a means to educate their children.

Eight lucky kids will have an opportunity to shop in the Barefoot Books store for free and choose a book for their prize. Given that Barefoot produces books for all ages, everyone can find something they are excited about.

Here’s how it works:

1.  Ask your kids to give you their best tip and submit it as a comment on our blog. Please include the child’s first name and age at the end of the tip. Each of your children can make a comment for an entry. Make sure you go to the Rafflecopter widget and let us know you left a comment.

2. At Midnight EST on Tuesday, September 6th, all entries collected through the Rafflecopter widget will be sifted through and the eight winners will be selected. That’s a lot of winning possibilities!

3. In addition to the blog comment, you can get more entries by doing one or more of the following. Each action is worth an additional entry!

Note:  All actions must be entered into the Rafflecopter widget in order to be counted as an entry.

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Boy Relaxing with View of Mont Blanc France

Devon, my 8-year-old, will kick the thing off. Here are his 10 best family travel tips. What do these tips say about me? A hiking-crazy, luxury hotel fanatic who brings my dog everywhere? Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

1. Do not do many hikes

2. Stay at hotel with lots of stars

3. Look up a place before going

4. Bring a scooter or skateboard and find places with no rocks

5. Do not bring your dog to a place that does not allow dogs

6. In Switzerland, bring a dog

7. When on a trip, give kids a surprise

8. Get a souvenir from your destination

9. Look for hotels with a pool

10. Have fun

Enter the Giveaway

To enter, wait for the Rafflecopter widget to load below. Leave a comment on the blog and make sure you tell us you did so in the Rafflecopter entry form.

Each action in the Rafflecopter widget (below) earns you an entry. Actions will only be counted one time with the exception of the “Leave a blog comment” for families with multiple children -each child may have an entry.   Important Note for families with multiple children:  After you click “I did this” for the “Leave a blog comment” entry on the Rafflecopter widget, you will need to close and reopen the Ciao Bambino website to refresh the widget and repeat those same steps for each child’s entry.

Winners will be contacted with instructions on how to choose their book. Good luck!

Big thanks to CashNet Sweeptstakes, Online-Sweepstakes and  Contest for Moms for help spreading the word.


  1. love this! lillie (9) says:

    rent a house when you travel – it’s very comfy. you also get your own yard. if you rent a house on the ocean, you can take a dip whenever you’d like to.

  2. Do something each kid wants to do, so, like, in the morning a kid gets to choose something, the next day her sister gets to pick something. (Emily, age 12)

  3. “1. Do not do many hikes”

    This is sad. So many kids do not get enough exercise today. Hiking is a great way to get some while enjoying the great outdoors at the same time.

  4. Peregrine, aged 8, says:
    Visit towns that are less of a tourist attraction. You’ll find them to be a lot more quiet, peaceful, and convenient. Also, never buy cheap souvenirs; they’ll last you for not very long. And one more good travel tip: the smaller the restaurant, the better the food!
    Ciao for now,

  5. Poppy, age 6, says:
    Don’t climb Mount Everest and fall and get killed.
    Do kayak in the river.
    Make sure to not eat poison oak.
    Keep your seat belt on in an airplane.
    Don’t jump out of an airplane without a parachute.

  6. This surprising tidbit from my 11-year old son Leo, who wants to be a video game designer when he grows up:

    “If you get carsick, avoid electronics on road trips. Stick to listening to music instead.”

  7. Emma, age 8 says:
    If you are going someplace like Rome, or Pompeii or Egypt on summer vacation then only stay out half the day because it gets really, really hot!

  8. Charlie – age 12 – don’t use the mini-bar in hotels, Mom said so. And check online before you go, you might find out cool things about the place you’re going to.

  9. Like much of the information I get from my children, accurate but not useful:

    Everest (6) says “don’t fall out of a boat”
    Darya (4) says “don’t fall off of a high tree”

  10. Learn the foreign word, if you’re in a foreign country, for chocolate. Berklee (13)

  11. Brandon – 7 – also says,

    “make sure there are lots of fun things for KIDS, not parents – to do. Like kids museums, fun restaurants, animal stuff”

  12. My son, Dayne 6 months – isn’t talking yet but I’m sure he’d say make sure the car seat is comfy but make sure you stop often enough to let me burn off some of that energy!

  13. If ou are going somewhere you think you may not like the food, stash peanut butter in your bag. If you eat, you still get dessert. Reilly (10)

  14. Cameron, age 3, says visit kid museums. (He actually called it the Museum of Play, which is our local kids museum, but he loved visiting several on our last road trip).

  15. Samantha, age 5,says to read books about the place you’re going before you go.

  16. Really go to the bathroom before you leave your house
    Andrew B

  17. Always carry snacks, and water, and bring their iPod touch for long car rides.

    And don’t stop at all the stores to shop, kids hate waiting for you while you shop.

    Jeremiah 11

  18. Always have a bowel or bucket just something to catch the vomit. There is always at least one child that gets sick!!! Our last trip with kids we had one vomit and one pee pants all in the time to get a room at the hotel. lol

  19. My six year old son suggests a dry erase crayon and board set which helps pass the time. My 3 and 4 year old children love family “sing along” time where everyone sings favorite songs together. I suggest……ear plugs! :0)
    [email protected]

  20. My 6 year old says- Sing a lot of songs when you are going places because then you do not think am I there yet?

  21. My son Preston who is 4 says…always bring my “g”! that is his special stuffed animal..and lots of snacks so we dont go hungry

  22. Kylie (5 months) says… Carry me in a sling or baby carrier so I can see everything you do, and don’t forget the diapers!

  23. “Have emergency money hidden in your wallet, you never know what can happen when your away” Amber age 11

  24. “Take mama’s car” – because it has a built in DVD player for her shows – Katie, age 3

  25. My daughter, Bri, says ” Leave when it is still dark so I can sleep and be there when I wake up!!!” She also says that it is fun to bring a friend (her sibs are all grown up).

  26. I have done all entries above.

    For my son who travels with the most his best travel tip is bring an interesting book to read on long road trips. He sucks up books like there going out of style and he is only 9.

  27. Always hold Mamaw or Papaw’s hand when you are walking.
    Hannah, age 6

  28. My 4-year old said that as long as blah blah (his blanket) gets to go on vacation it will be fun. My 5-year old said that we should order room service every day and have soda. Having just driven cross country they both still think that “are we there yet” is a funny question and now gauge car trips by that drive.

  29. My 9 year old – Madeline

    “Don’t ask how long until we get there and tell mom and dad as soon as you have to to to the bathroom because it may take awhile before you stop.”

    [email protected]

  30. my kids are 7 and 11. my 7 year old said bring her elmo and my 11 yr old said to pack some snacks!! clallen at ntin dot net

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