Photo Friday: The Many Faces of the Matterhorn

We’ve spent this week in Zermatt, Switzerland. We were last here 10 years ago and can’t believe how much the town and valley have grown. The crowds in town are extreme in August, but fortunately, it’s easy to escape people through miles and miles of spectacular hiking trails.

The massive Matterhorn is ever-present and dominates the landscape. That said, almost one-third of all the 4,000 meter/13,000 foot+ peaks in the Alps are grouped around Zermatt, i.e. there many breathtaking mountains and views to appreciate here.

The face of the Matterhorn changes dramatically based on your position and the time of day. My favorite image of the mountain is this one captured at sunrise when the peak is immersed in warm, morning light.

Sunset is also a spectacular time of day when alpenglow hits the peaks and one side of the Matterhorn.

Yet again, the image of the Matterhorn changes when you get up close. We took the Matterhorn Glacier Trail which runs right under the mountain. A must-do for anyone visiting the area. Stay tuned for a separate post on the best hikes in Zermatt that are doable with kids.

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  1. Beautiful! I think that when I get to see it someday, it will be like everything else iconic I run across in my travels–“I can’t believe it’s real! I’m ACTUALLY seeing the Matterhorn!” Love the sunrise pic best.

  2. I like seeing the mountain in a variety of ways. Too many times you’re forced to take the shots you can get at one particular time of day/year, but I really like the idea of exploring a subject from several different perspectives.
    I’m particularly fond of seasonal comparisons 🙂

  3. Matterhorn is the most alluring of mountains, isn’t it? Now you see me, now you don’t… (mostly you don’t).

    Lovely photos.

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