Washington DC Week: Top Resources

Urban destinations are more enjoyable when cooler fall weather arrives and you can walk around comfortably for hours. One of our favorite autumn trips for kids at any age and stage is to visit Washington DC.With wide sidewalks and excellent public transportation, the city is easy to get around, clean, and there is always something interesting to experience.

We love to enrich our kid’s education by visiting the various museums around the city. Whether it is the mammals and butterflies at the Natural History Museum, or the Sioux Indians at the National Museum of the American Indian, we find something inspiring and engaging to learn.

Although we often spend a week here, DC is easy to access by plane, train, or car and works well for long weekends too. Exploring this area requires thorough research and planning. I’ll spend Washington DC Week outlining what I’ve uncovered through our trips over the past few years. I’m kicking things off with a list of top planning resources. Then, I’ll cover top activities for families, strategies for exploring the city, and finish the series with my favorite hotels.

Top Resources

I’m all for spontaneity, but I find visiting DC works much better with a plan. Wandering aimlessly quickly because overwhelming. There is simply too much to see and do and before you’ve seen even the highlights, everyone will be exhausted. Keep in mind that the walking continues in the museums and monuments too.

Research is my thing. I spend hours on-line trying to create memorable itineraries that are suitable for kids and interesting for adults.

DC Websites, Articles, and Guides

Go Smithsonian: Online version of the free printed visitor’s guide to the Smithsonian. Includes a directory of all the special family events so you can map out the timing of museum visits

The District: General tourist’s guide to DC

Washington DC’s official website

The Smithsonian: Articles on how to approach DC with children

Our Kids DC: Family-focused website offering thorough coverage of kid events in the DC area

Ciao Bambino: Top 5 Kid-Friendly Activities

Cookie Magazine: DC City Guide, family-focused comprehensive overview by geographic area

Taking the Kids to Washington DC by Eileen Ogintz for CNN

Guide to DC by The Washington Post

We Just Got Back: Insider Guide to DC

Travel for Kids: DC tips

Let’s Go: Family Guide to DC

Travel & Leisure “How to Do DC” offers an innovative perspective with multiple theme-focused itineraries.

Family Travel Files: coverage on DC with many links to other

Kid-Focused Websites

General games for before or after their visit to help them get excited

Smithsonian Kids interactive website

In addition to the planning sites, there are two books that I recommend buying before you go: Open Roads Washington DC with Kids and A Kid’s Guide to the SmithsonianThere are also plenty of great stories and they will be more engaged in what see when they have read something interesting about the sites beforehand. Check out my DC book list for a few recommendations.

Relevant Links

Ciao Bambino recommended places to stay in Washington DC



  1. Fiona- Thank you for the great link. That’s a great link. I really like the post about the “Must See Museums.”

  2. Great post and wonderful compilation of resources for families planning a trip to Washington, DC. There is so much here to do for families of all ages and stages. If you only have a few days, here are the Our Kids top picks: Air & Space Museum, newly renovated American History Museum, National Zoo & National Gallery of Art. Have more time? Visit the National Building Museum. If you’re here during the holidays, visit the US Botanic Gardens, their holiday display is one not to miss.

    Looking forward to reading more on your blog this week.

  3. These are good resources. And the great thing about resources is there are always new useful ones that become available overtime. Another such useful resource is askalo (ask a local) http://washington.askalo.com/ . This is a Washington DC-focused question and answer web community that lets everyone ask questions about any local topic, and share answers tailored to individual needs.

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