Photo Friday

Full Moon Setting Over Lake Geneva for Photo Friday

Every once in awhile we do a Photo Friday post that has nothing to do with traveling with kids. This week is one of them. For a good reason …

I’m a moon junkie and will drive long distances to watch the full moon rise. This week I didn’t have to go far to get a dose of moon magic.

moon setting over lake geneva

We are lucky enough to live on the shores of Lake Geneva (Lac Leman) and have a view of France (Evian) from our bedroom window. The full moon setting across from us was so bright that it woke me up.

moon setting over evian france

This turned out to be a huge gift as I was able to record the moon’s stunning journey out of sight. These photos are un-doctored — the reflection on the lake was as vibrant as it looks in this image.

orange full moon setting over france

The real treat arrived when the moon was very low and turned bright orange. I was like a little kid rubbing my eyes in utter disbelief.

final phase of moonset over france

The final phases happen unbelievably fast.

final phase moonset evian france


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  • These are beautiful photographs. I have a quick question — around what time did you take them? Around what time did the moon disappear? I noticed that you posted this in June, so this wouldn’t be a “Harvest Moon” per se? I’m asking because I used to go to school in Lausanne and am remembering watching the full moon over Lac Leman from my window. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures.

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