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Action-Packed Summer Camp at Woodward Tahoe

Woodward Tahoe hosted Devon for an overnight in order for us to cover the camp on Ciao Bambino. As always, our opinions are our own.

Devon, our 10-year-old, participated in his first media trip without mom to give Woodward Tahoe, an action-packed summer camp program for ages 7 and 20, a test drive. I can only comment on the boy factor as that is all I heard about, but there is no question this camp is sports nirvana where kids refine skills around snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, BMX bikes, as well as cheerleading and tumbling.

Camp equipment includes trampolines, skateboarding ramps and access to summer skiing/boarding at Boreal. Giant foam pits make it possible to learn stunts safely, and the use of GoPro cameras and an onsite video lab ensures memories can be shared forever.

Woodward Tahoe Skateboard

How did it go? Devon only got a taste of the fun in a quick 24-hour trip, but his response to the question if he’d be willing to go again was a resounding “Oh yeah.” Here’s a quick photo summary of his experience with commentary.

Woodward Tahoe Trampoline

Trampolines are positioned next to a massive foam pit which allows the counselors to teach campers flips and tricks. “The trampoline is really cool because if you mess up you can’t get hurt, and if you get better, you can move onto doing flips on the mat,” says Devon.

Woodward Tahoe Skateboard Ramp

Ramps of various sizes are designed for anything on wheels. Popular options include skateboards, BMX bikes, and even roller-skis and -snowboards.

Woodward Tahoe Foam Pit

Ledges of different heights lead to the foam pits so campers can practice jumps. “The foam pits were really soft. Anything to do with them was my favorite,” notes Devon.

Woodward Tahoe Skateboarding

“There are two different levels of bowls and this one is made of concrete,” remarks Devon. “It was a good place to learn how to ride without falling off the skateboard.”

Woodward Camp Rollerblading

The bowls are also good for rollerblading.

Woodward Camp Games

When campers aren’t practicing on the equipment, they play games like Dodge Ball, Capture the Flag, and a treasure hunt using GoPro Cameras. “Games are creative and exciting,” says Devon.

Woodward Camp Video Lab

After the GoPro treasure hunt, the campers went to the Woodward Camp Video Lab to learn how to edit their videos. “It was hard to learn how to edit the videos, but the treasure hunt was fun,” notes Devon.

Intrigued? Head to the Woodward Tahoe website for more information. Nine different camps are offered during 2013. Pricing for a weeklong camp with lodging starts at $799. I should mention that Devon went to camp not knowing how to skateboard … the program is designed for all levels.

Photos and video provided by Woodward Tahoe

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