Seattle with Kids

Top 5 Kid-Friendly Activities in Seattle

Seattle’s walkable urban areas, beautiful natural setting, and laid back atmosphere make it a great vacation destination for anyone, but you might be surprised to learn how accommodating the city is for kids. Seattle’s major sites (and some of its most popular restaurants) are just as much fun for kids as they are adults, and many popular activities seem tailor made for kids.


Best Winter Activities in London with Kids

Sometimes I wish I didn’t live in London. It’s such a lovely place for a family city break. And, as you can just as easily wake up to a beautiful sun painted day in London in mid-January as in mid-June, winter is as good a time as any to visit. Plus, if you come in Winter you expect it to be cold and maybe rainy, those sunny days are a bonus.

Be greeted by cold winds and thunder come Spring and your disappointment will be far greater and, however well you think you’ve packed, you’ll probably still need to go out and add to your wardrobe.

Goldfish Kimpton Hotels

Wicked Fun! A Kimpton Holiday Stay and Giveaway: Boston Edition

Kimpton Hotels recently hosted five writers in five cities across the country as part of a holiday blogger getaway event.

My family loves Kimpton as this kid-friendly brand offers a fresh departure from typical hotels with updated décor and whimsical themes. We stayed at Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge for our family getaway and it was quite a treat!

Girls Nobel Peace Center Oslo Norway

72 Hours in Oslo with Kids

Oslo, the oldest of the Nordic capitals, located between a fjord and the forest, is breathtakingly beautiful and offers a several parks and recreational activities. Add to that castles and its intriguing Viking history and you get a city where a family can easily wile away 72 hours.

The Akerhus Castle has gone through many reincarnations, starting as a medieval castle in the 13th century, then becoming a fortress in the 16th century and finally being rebuilt in the 17th century as a renaissance castle.


72 Hours in Paris with Kids

My good friend and author of the Ciao Bambino! book series, Danna Leahy, visited us in Switzerland this summer with her 7 and 10-year-old kids in tow. As part of her itinerary, she planned a four-night stop in Paris.

When Danna explained what she planned to cover during her time in Paris, I laughed. I know the Type A mom personality — ahem — well, as I look in the mirror each morning. Our husbands tell us that we pack too many activities into short periods of time. True.

Feast of San Gennaro New York City

Fabulous Fall Activities for Families in New York City

There’s nothing like fall in Manhattan. It’s a cultural extravaganza – new Broadway shows, prominent art exhibitions premiering in the greatest city in the world, festivals of all kinds up and down the streets and bursts of fall foliage all over the city.

The options are endless, and if you’re visiting, with kids, it’s not easy to narrow them down. Here are ten options from a native’s perspective that are sure to satisfy any parent or child:


Family Travel Washington DC: Trip Planning Tips

Last winter my 7th grade daughter brought home information about the school trip to Washington, DC. She wanted to go, but said she’d rather do DC with the family instead of her friends. Once the shock wore off, I started planning almost instantly. Being organized is the key to exploring DC with the kids.

Plan Ahead & Reserve, Reserve, Reserve

Unless your kids are fans of waiting in long lines, do your homework. Have a family discussion, decide what you’d like to do and get busy …


Family Fun in San Francisco’s Presidio

The list of kid-friendly things to do in San Francisco goes on and on. Even kids lucky enough to live here have a tough time keeping up. The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and Fisherman’s Wharf are just a few of San Francisco’s world-renowned tourist attractions.

If you have a day to spare, the Presidio is a great addition to any family-friendly itinerary.

York Ghost Walk Experience York England

History Lessons are Fun for Kids in York

What do you do with a long weekend in the fall from London? Grab the kids and head up to York for 4 days of vikings, ghosts, food, ruins, music and a whole lot of fun history.

York is a small city, the center of which is contained in a walled circle, and is the best preserved non-capital medieval city in Europe. Many of the streets are narrow with timbered buildings (“as London would have looked before the fire,” my kids pointed out.)

harrods knightsbridge london

72 Hours in London with Kids: Day 2

If Day 1 in London with kids is about an introduction to London’s royal heritage and iconic sites, an ideal Day 2 is one where you roll your sleeves up and dig into a neighborhood.

The best way to really learn about a place in a meaningful way is to go on a walking tour with a professional guide. Not all guides are created equal, but the good ones give you perspective you can’t get on your own.