Postcard from Kenya: Dreams in Africa

This poem was written by an 8th grader, Ella Pappas, who traveled to Kenya with her family this year through Rothschild Safaris. These beautifully written words leave me speechless whenever I read them. It’s crystal clear that Ella’s experience in Africa will have a deep and lasting impact on her and will likely shape her view of the world for the rest of her life.

Ella’s poem sums up why we travel with our children and why the investment to show children radically different places across our planet is so very worth it!


Dreams in Africa

I will never forget this day

as long as I live

who knew a tiny weak building could hold so much within

the students sit squished up in rows

waiting to learn something new

their dreams surround them and are enough to fill the world with hope

the students sit still awaiting command with a pencil in hand

they rise with gratitude when their teacher walks in

they greet him in unison without missing a beat

their books lay in front of them tattered and worn

yet they are the most special possession these children could ask for

some walk ten miles every morning to get to this place through the open savannah

past buffalo, lions, elephants and more

they face the fear that no one here has before

they risk getting attacked every single day

Some may ask why, what is worth your life?

These kids would only say


to them their school is their whole life

they have nothing else, but they still hold on

in hopes of getting somewhere

and to change the world

I did see this, and these children don’t complain

they smile at the fact that they made it one more day

children in Africa may not have much

but they will always hold on to their dreams

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Editor’s Note: Photo by Sandy Pappas.


  1. Amazing poem! I wish my own children truly understood the value of their education, but at the same time, I’m grateful they can take it for granted!

  2. I do dream of Africa, and in particular of Botswana. The poem captures the wonderful spirit of the people in Kenya. Well done!

  3. Beautiful. Her poem perfectly sums up why I travel with my kids. I want them to have life-altering experiences like this and see the world differently!

  4. What a wonderful experience for this young girl. I am sure the experience will stay with her for a lifetime and make her appreciate her education so much more.

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