Photo Friday: Happy Halloween

We learned an important lesson this year: a pumpkin patch is not just a pumpkin patch. Choose wisely!

These photos are from last year when we visited a pumpkin patch with train rides, pony rides, face painting, and a corn kernal sandbox. Bay Area families, bookmark G&M Farms in Livermore. It’s a haul, but worth it.

This photo is indicative of the the time we had this year at Ardenwood Farms. The head-scratcher is that this pumpkin patch is much better known.

Fun it was not. The heat and crowds didn’t help.  But the straw that broke the camels back was what my husband lovingly refers to now as the “hayride from hell.”  A 45-minute ride that consisted of stopping every few feet and talking about organic farming and vegetables. Yes, educational, but not what we signed up to do given that we were tied to a tractor with 20+ toddlers who were not fascinated by the latest and greatest in agricultural development.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. You said it! There are some pumpkin patches that you can spend all day at, and some… not so much. Very funny story.

  2. As an educator, judging what level of info and knowledge children of different ages can handle comes naturally to me. I always forget that not everyone knows just exactly what info and how much will be interesting to a toddler vs. a high schooler and I have to remember to be patient. Sorry you were stuck and it wasn’t very exciting! I like the picture of the corn box…we tried to find one here at our local corn maze, but they told us that they can’t keep one because of the humidity. Gross!

  3. I have totally been on that hayride (from hell), and also one on this side of the bay through a corn farm.

    Highlight was the farmer handing us freshly-picked corn and inviting us to shuck and eat it. When we did, and found BIG GREEN WORMS, he told us that was a sign of good, pesticide-free, and healthy corn.

    I still get throw up in my mouth when I think of it. Also, it was hot.

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