Photo Friday: Spring Creek Ranch

This week’s pictures are from our trip to Spring Creek Ranch in Jackson Hole, WY. What a breathtaking family ranch destination! Not only do the Grand Tetons offer spectacular views, but also, the area offers an “American Safari.” Jackson Hole, with Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone in close proximity, hosts an amazing array of wild animals for easy viewing. My kids will never forget when we almost got hit by two feuding bison while parked among a seemingly mellow herd. Being so close to these huge wild animals was truly unforgettable. We saw bears, moose, bald eagles, and elk, just to name a few.

In addition to the wildlife, what made our ranch vacation work well for our family group of 14, was finding an upscale destination with excellent amenities (pool, spa & chef) and entertaining “ranch” activities. Some in our group wanted a more rugged vacation and some wanted a less rugged vacation, so Spring Creek was a great middle ground. You could go rafting, fishing, horseback riding, or hiking or simply read and watch ESPN. Staying in was almost as tempting as the outdoor excursions due to the plush private home that we were able to rent.

For more on Ranch Vacations, take a moment to check out Amie’s very thorough post on Peter Greenberg Worldwide website. Peter Greenberg is commonly known as the travel correspondent for Good Morning American and more recently the Today Show’s Travel Editor. In addition to his multiple books, radio show and frequent reports, Peter also has an informative website and blog. Amie’s article for the blog offers Seven Reasons to Choose a Family Ranch Vacation along with an overview of many properties.

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  1. You didn’t mention it explicitly, but can you just go walking/hiking as well? It looks gorgeous and I agree, there is nothing better than experiencing such great outdoors then returning to a comfy habitat.

  2. Yeah – another Yellowstone Photo Friday. I’m planning a trip there in a few weeks and am getting more excited by seeing all these photos!

  3. The Tetons were our favorite when we visited the Jackson, WY area.
    The place you stayed truly sounds like the best of all worlds!

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