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If you’re a travel blogger, chances are you’ve either met Jennifer Miner or have seen her speak at an industry event. Jennifer, aka SoCalGal of The Vacation Gals, is one of the leading voices in the blogosphere and a networking goddess.

Jennifer has put together a mini-conference at the Vallarta Suite Resort & Convention Center in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for bloggers of all flavors from January 5-8, 2012. The one entry requirement is that the blogger must be a parent and/or publishing content for parents. This group, known as Mommy Bloggers, is taking the web by storm as their credible coverage of everything from fashion to food is capturing astounding online mindshare.

Velas Vallarta Resort for Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Conference Versus Camp

Conferences like BlogHer attract mass numbers of these bloggers and can be valuable, particularly for blogging newbies. It’s incredible, however, to have an experienced blogger who is down in the trenches fighting for traffic and revenue, put together an event that is intimate and will enable participants to really roll up their sleeves and answer fundamental, persistent questions about how to run an effective blog.

It doesn’t matter what you cover — if you’re a parent, the one thing that is in constant short supply is time; this means to be successful, you (we) need readily available tools and knowledge. I just read that there are now 3.9 million mom blogs in the US alone (see yesterday’s press about Disney’s acquisition of for reference). The moral? Competition for loyal readers is fierce and it’s not enough to publish great content; bloggers have to learn how to optimize their websites for meaningful traffic.

Jennifer has recruited an outstanding list of presenters to cover everything from legal issues, to photography, to public relations. The key difference here is that this format and forum will allow bloggers to dive deeply into each topic. See the full list of speaker bios for a snapshot of who will be presenting.

Velas Vallarta Suite Resort Venue

It’s certainly appealing to have an industry event take place at a luxury resort. Velas Vallarta is not in our Mexico family hotel portfolio, but I’ve had feedback from readers who love it. Jennifer set up the event so participants can incorporate a vacation into business as the one-bedroom suites included in the price of the event sleep a family of four. The conference seminars, all meals, nightly entertainment, poolside and beach waiter service are all part of the all-inclusive camp tuition.

Believe me, by January 5th you’ll be ready for some sun and relaxation after the crazy holiday period is over. Plus, if growing your blog is part of your 2012 plan, the camp is a perfect way to kick off the year.

View the full conference agenda

View camp FAQ (includes pricing)

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