Photo Friday: Napa with Kids, Oxbow Market

I know many people think Napa with kids is an oxymoron, but we love to escape to the wine country at least a few times a year as a family. The colors in the spring and fall are gorgeous, and over summer months it’s an easy way to escape foggy San Francisco (save winter visits for romance) for perfect swimming weather.

We feature The Westin Verasa Napa on Ciao Bambino and this was our home-base for our last trip. In addition to appreciating the all-suite set up for families, the location is excellent for urban activities. We always hit the Oxbow Market — it’s essentially an indoor farmers market with an array of unique treats from ice cream, to oysters, to wine, to cupcakes, i.e. something yummy for everyone.

Compared to pricing for the rest of the gourmet food in this area, the Oxbow Market is a bargain. If you’re a burger fan, Taylor’s Refresher (recently renamed Gott’s Roadside) is a must for a meal. Warning, it’s impossible to walk by Kara’s Cupcakes and not indulge. I left our s’mores cupcake in the car for 5 days on accident and I’m still crying about it.

A stop at Ritual Roasters is mandatory for coffee fans. Plus, who wouldn’t want to try something called Evil Twin Espresso?

Then, when everyone’s wired on sugar and coffee, take a drive up Silverado Trail for eye-popping scenery. My favorite spring shot from this year’s trip is this view of the bare branches against the mustard grass with the cherry blossoms in the background.

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  1. I spent my eighth grade summer working in Napa and had a blast, so I definitely agree that the region is wonderful for kids. At the time, I loved the weather and fresh food — glad to see neither has changed.

  2. Oh this looks like my place to stay – wine and coffee with scenery and food in between. Farmers markets have sprung up everywhere around the globe and offer so much. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I agree with you guys in all aspects. I live up the hill from Oxbow Market and stop in with my family at least 2 – 3 timea a week. We have always loved the selection, the family friendly nature of the place, etc. but unfortunately had a recent encounter with one of the managers of a restaurant located in the market, who was not appreciative of the noise my 17 month old son was making as he moved one of the kids chairs (provided for sitting and playing) around in the area in front of the coffee shop. She was concerned that it would irritate her diners, and likely more concerned about her own irritation. We always pay very close attention to our child, and he is not allowed to run rampant. I am SO sad to post this, as I have been a HUGE supporter of the Oxbow Market, and will continue to go back anyways. But those with familes that may be bigger and possibly louder than mine, take note that not ALL the tenants are as accommodating and friendly as others.

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