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Photo courtesy of Travel with Teens and Tweens

Traveling with babies, traveling with toddlers, traveling with school age kids, traveling with tweens, on to teens. This part of our Traveling with Kids series includes tips from family travel writers and tips directly from teenagers. Ah ha – so this is what will make them happy!

Hockey Princess Age 13 (daughter of Mary of Travel with Teens and Tweens)

– Make sure you let your teens bring along their electronics so they can keep in touch with their friends and amuse themselves with the apps when driving or waiting around.

– Tell them to make sure they leave lots of time and set aside plenty of money for shopping! Clothes make the best souvenirs. Let your teens buy clothes they can wear to school or out with friends, not just tacky tee shirts.

Tess Age 14 and Evan Age 16 (daughter and son of Cindy of Traveling Mom)

– Bring lots of entertainment. And don’t forget your iPod charger.

– Bring different kinds of shoes. You don’t want to wear your tennis shoes to the pool or your flip flops on the mountain.

Isabelle Age 14 and Wyatt Age 13 (daughter and son of Debbie of Travel Dither)

– Your teens will be much happier when they can check in with their friends by texting or facebook a couple of times a day.

– I don’t want to get up every morning at the crack of dawn to go somewhere. Some days I’d just like free time to hang around the rec area playing ping pong, shooting pool, and meeting other kids.

Gina, mom of Sloan (16), Mason (16) and Sydney (17)

– Let them take a friend who neutralizes the siblings.

– Have at least one “fun” activity planned for the day (i.e. jet skiing, amusement park, indoor game type restaurant, theme park, show/concert, bowling, etc.). They like to know ahead of time what is planned for “that day” and the next, etc. If they have to sit around all day and just hang in one place, they will go bonkers. There has to be something they consider “fun” each day. They will then read/relax, be communicative, enjoy their trip if they know that they have something to look forward to each day.

– Free Time to go explore on their own. Not always having to be with the “FAMILY”… especially once they can drive.

– Shopping/spend a little money on themselves. This makes them feel like an adult or that they have some “control” over a situation or in getting something they want.

Eileen of Taking the Kids

– Invite a friend along. You will have two happy teens or tweens as opposed to one sulking kid! Just make sure this is a child you know well, has slept over at your house before and is in-synch with your family.

Katrina of My Little Swans

– We also alternate walking days with driving days to rest young legs. And although not all the rage with my 15-year old daughter, flat shoes are definitely the shoe of choice for any walking day. I like ballet slippers. She wants to make a statement in high heels. If I can’t get her to start the day in flats, I’ll put ballet slippers or flip-flops in her pack.

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