Essential Tips for a Tuscany Farm Stay with Kids

A week-long visit to Tuscany is a big part of the most popular family itinerary in Italy for Ciao Bambino readers and clients. This is the best opportunity for families to really dig into their experience together in Italy, as settling into a single location for seven or more days engages parents and children alike in the experience. An essential part of a successful trip to Tuscany with kids is selecting the right accommodations. The vision for many families includes a Tuscany farm stay, also referred to as an “agriturismo” or working agricultural estate.

I love these farm stays with kids! In fact, I recommend them over standalone villa rentals for independent families.

Al Gelso Bianco Pool and Garden
Al Gelso Bianco

An important note: We call Tuscan farms “resorts” on Ciao Bambino. If you want to search for these properties, go to our Hotel Review page and select Tuscany to browse options. Not every property  will be an official working agricultural estate, but it’ll show the range of options for a Tuscany farm stay at a high level.

Poggio Al Casone Tuscany
Poggio Al Casone

Why We Love Tuscany Farm Stays with Kids

One myth is that a farm stay in Tuscany means animals. It can, but usually the only animals around are the domestic variety like dogs and cats. Most farms focus on wine and/or olive oil production. Translation, the setting is vineyards and olive trees.

What makes these accommodations work so well for families is their ideal setup with self-catering, spacious guest units with room to spread out. Guests typically stay in apartments or even standalone villas in restored farmhouse or palazzo-style buildings.

One huge plus is that there is usually a property manager who will provide services and support like housekeeping, a private chef, and local guidance. Beyond that, there is a huge range of amenities that can be offered within this category from onsite dining, swimming, tennis, play areas, and even spa services.

Given the ideal setup, there will likely be other families present, particularly over the summer months. One of my favorite things about international kid-friendly accommodations like this is that children have the opportunity to interact with and play with kids from around the world. A priceless experience for any age …

Finally, there is huge value for the quality at agriturismos. The 4-star equivalent quality category we feature on Ciao Bambino are priced for the week and can range on average anywhere from 700€ to 2,000€ for seven nights for a family of four to six people. Compared to a hotel of the same quality level with much less space, this is a huge value.

Frankly, the number of options in this category is overwhelming. We’ve hand-selected a list that offers something for everyone. Many of the properties we feature have been in our portfolio for years and are tried and tested over and over again with families, i.e. it’s the ultimate reliable and relevant list.

Monsignor Della Casa
Monsignor Della Casa

Things to Consider

How many onsite amenities do you need? Almost all of the properties we feature on Ciao Bambino at least have a swimming pool (Follonico is a notable exception). Beyond that, do you expect to be out and about every day and evening? There is no need to pay for amenities you won’t use.

A good example from our portfolio is La Poggiolaia, ideally located for easy access to Florence, San Gimignano and Siena. There is nothing to do onsite except sleep, relax, and swim, but things to do in the immediate area are endless, and the room-only set up at La Poggiolaia works perfectly as an intimate home-base.

Do you want a true resort experience? If you want an engaging on-property experience in addition to sightseeing, more than just a swimming pool is important.

I found Monsignor Della Casa Country Resort & Spa on my first Italy scouting trip in 2004. With tennis, a playground, onsite restaurant, soccer field, gym, and spa — many families stay and play here throughout the day. A historic estate has been converted to create all the amenity options, i.e. the experience is still authentic. Castello di Casole, owned by U.S.-based Timbers Resorts, offers a full range of luxury hotel amenities within a painstakingly renovated setting.

Do you want significant in-village time? By nature, working farms need land so these properties are not IN villages. Nor are most of them well suited for walking to villages as Tuscan rural roads are narrow without sidewalks and Italians drive fast. Not a good combination for young children.

The key is to select a property that is within a 5 to 10 minute drive of appealing villages. Al Gelso Bianco, for example, is just 10 minutes from an array of picturesque villages where you can get a fabulous dose of local life. Despite this, Al Gelso Bianco is only a 20-minute drive to the main Florence-Siena highway, making larger excursions from here a snap too.

Ciao Bambino can help you plan an incredible family vacation in Tuscany

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Borgo Santo Pietro

Do you like the thought of a remote hideaway? An isolated property such as Borgo Lucignanello Bandini can feel like your own private, away-from-it-all retreat. Just know that you’ll be a long drive from some basic services, and decide for yourself if it’s a feasible trade-off.

Understand the small road premium. One of the most common mistakes people make is that they assume what looks like a short distance on the map will mean a short drive time. False!

Many rural roads in Tuscany are curvy and slow. It’s possible to have a 30 to 45 minute drive just to reach main access roads from some rural estates. This is one of the reasons we don’t recommend staying in Chianti Classico. We love this area for day trips, but with kids, I don’t want to spend another hour in the car each day, just to get to the highway and back.

Do you want more than just a single day in Florence or Siena? If you plan on being in these cities for more than just a one-day trip, it’s a good idea to stay near the one you’ll visit the most (they are one hour from each other).

Villa Le Piazzole, Fattoria di Maiano and Marignolle Relais & Charme are fantastic options on the outskirts of Florence, and Relais Villa l’Olmo is just south in the town of Impruneta. Montestigliano and Borgo Scopeto Relais work well for Siena; you get all the benefits of the rural experience with easy urban access. Fonte de Medici and Podere San Filippo are well positioned for reaching both cities; the latter even offers a shuttle service.

Is an onsite restaurant important? As these are not standard hotels, the list narrows quickly when it comes to onsite dinner options. Some properties, like Casa Cornacchi, offer weekly or bi-weekly dinners for guests. For others like Tenuta di Spannochia and Poggio Etrusco, food is an essential part of the offering, with cooking lessons (for kids too) and incredible onsite meals. Fighine, Borgo Iesolana and Borgo Il Poggiaccio are three more good bets for on-property dining.

Some restaurants are seasonal and/or closed certain days of the week, so it’s a good idea to check before you book.


Do you want something rustic and authentic feeling or hip and modern? La Foce and La Bandita are mere miles from one another in the Val D’Orcia, but one is one of the most historic estates in the region and the other owned by an American music executive who set out to create something fresh and modern. Monteverdi combines the rustic charm of an ancient village with contemporary interiors by one of Italy’s top designers.

Are you looking for top-end luxury? If you’re willing to splurge, it pays off in start-to-finish pampering, bespoke service and countless amenities. Borgo Santo Pietro and L’Andana fit the bill.

Does a Tuscan spa with incredible pools and a comprehensive kids’ club sound glorious? If so, this is one occasion to give up a farm stay to access all these additional amenities. Hotel Adler-Thermae is our go-to option for this family experience.

Do you want beach time? Many of these Tuscan farms are located too far from the coast to make consequential beach time a reality. Poggio al Casone is an exceptional estate for families and only 30 minutes from the coast. From here, families can hit the sandy beach clubs in Forte dei Marmi or venture up the coast to iconic Cinque Terre and the rest of the Italian Riviera for day trips.

Casa Cornacchi Country House

When I think about the location of accommodations in Tuscany, I divide the region in two using Siena as the dividing line. Anything north of Siena is Northern Tuscany and anything south of Siena is Southern Tuscany. Our Tuscany landing page has a map at the top to help you pinpoint property locations.

See our things to do with kids in Tuscany article for a list of top activities with kids, but in general, Northern Tuscany is busier with the “big” attractions. Southern Tuscany is absolutely idyllic but quieter.  You can still get to Siena for a day trip from here, but Florence is too far. The upside is that staying at a property in Southern Tuscany, such as La Sovana or Le Terre dei Cavalieri, puts you within reach of sights in Umbria.

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  • Hi. We will be in Tuscany in mid-June with a 9 and 12 year old, as well as my 74 year old mother. I have tried to contact Al Gelso a few times without hearing back. We would like cooking classes, a pool and potentially an organic farm. Please advise. Thank you.

    • Hi Suzanne, thanks for using our site! I’m so sorry about the difficulty connecting with Al Gelso Bianco — odd, as they’re usually quite responsive. We’ll be happy to help put you in touch quickly and one of our Family Vacation Advisors will follow up with you in email. Enjoy your trip!

  • Do you have any suggestions that are close to the same experience as Al Gelso Bianco? Unfortunately we only have 3 days (their website says 3 day minimum) and they are saying they require a 4 day stay when we are going in May. Any other suggestions?

  • Hi,
    My 9 yr old daughter and I visited Italian farm stay in Rosa last Easter and loved it
    Looking to go again in Easter 2018. Looking for somewhere rustic, simple, horse riding, cooking, communal very food focused. Possibly north towards Modena. Will hire a car, ideally max two hrs from airport.
    Any suggestions?
    Many thanks _ Adam

    • Hi Adam – Thank you for using our site! Yes, we can certainly help with this. One of our Family Travel Advisors specializing in Italy will reach out in email to talk about next steps.

  • Hi,
    This site has been a saving grace for my husband and I planning a trip to Italy (our first time out of North America) with our two girls (age 8 months, and 3).
    We are looking to stay on a farm stay for 10-14 days, and would be looking to do day trips to both the coast and to Sienna, Florence, Pisa. AN added bonus would be to have a town nearby to walk to (but not necessary). AND like simple/ upscale versus luxurious.
    Our dates would need to be between April 10 and May 6th.
    Please let me know if you can help us out with booking our hotel, as I would prefer to go through you (since you have guided me on all of my choice thus far!).

    • Hi Jennifer, thanks for using Ciao Bambino. I’m so glad you’ve found it helpful. One of our planners will reach out in email to talk about your trip and how we can help. Enjoy your travels!

  • Hi Amie!
    I am planning to stay 6 nights in a tipical tuscany farmhouse with my wife and kids (8 and 10) on July. Swimming pool is necessary, but since we will make day trips we don´t need any extra ammenities. On-site breakfast and room service (to order food at night when we return) are important too. Which hotels do you recommend me?

  • Hello,
    I was wondering if you have recommendations for a ranch type farm stay with horseback riding for our family? We have two boys 6 and 8 years old. We are looking to go Oct 8-12th, flying into either Pisa or Florence.

    • Hi Adrian – We have a few places that would work … we’d have to see if they still have week-long minimum stay requirements in place in October. One of our Family Vacation Consultants specializing in Italy will reach out in email. -Amie

  • We are a family of 14 (6 are children 8 & under) Looking for accommodation options June 2016 For one week – 10 days Our daughter would like to get married @ or near Tavenelle de Pesa Any help or suggestions would be helpful

    • Hi MaryEllen,
      Thanks for your message! We can’t help with the wedding details but we can certainly help source wonderful accommodations in this area. One of our Family Vacation Advisors will reach out in email to help. Best, Amie

  • Hi Amie,
    We are planning on spending 6 days in Tuscany in late September. Travelling with an 18mth old and looking for a farm stay with a good location for day trips, at least one bedroom and good onsite dining options (or nearby to a village with good dining options). Could you please recommend some options. Thanks.

  • Good morning,
    My wife and I are planning a trip to Tuscany end of July (25-30.07; I know, it’s a bit short notice) and we are looking for a farm stay that would be good for our 22 month old daughter. We are not necessarily interested in a resort-like experience. The place should be fairly easy to reach from an airport, as we do not want to take the car or rent one there. Do you have any recommendations?
    Many thanks!

    • Hi Dominik – That week is REALLY booked out right now. Since it is just the three of you, it may be easier to find something, however, we don’t recommend staying in the Tuscany countryside without a car. If you don’t want a car, you are better off staying in the outskirts of Florence where you have easier access to public transportation. I’ll have our Tuscany accommodations Advisor reach out to see if we have anything with availability. Thanks! -Amie

  • I’m traveling to Italy for 3 weeks in late July and August. We have a Airbnb apartment in Florence for the last 8 days. We are looking for an agritourismo that is family friend for a 5 and 7 year old in Tuscany for 7 days before that. Can anyone recommend one? We will be flying in to Rome, taking train possibly to Sienna, and renting a car from Florence July 30-Aug 5. I’d like to visit Lucca so one in Northern Tuscany would be my first choice.

  • Hello There,
    My husband and I are travelling to the Tuscany region the first week of September with our son who will be a year and a few months on the trip. We are flying into Milan but home to spend the majority of our time in Tuscany. We are looking to stay somewhere that is baby/toddler friendly and central enough that we can explore many places in Tuscany during our visit. We would love if it could be a farm stay. Please let us know if you have any recommendations. In addition, we are wondering if its best to rent a car or depend on public transportation. In addition, I read somewhere that many restaurants in Italy do not have high chairs available, is this the case?
    Thank you for your insights!! This website is fantastic.

  • We are planning a trip to Tuscany End of March/April. We are seeking a farm stay that would be good for our 11 year old daughter that is very interested in animals. Farm animals and horse back riding are important, as is an “authentic” experience where we feel like we are welcomed onto the family. We are not interested in a resort like experience. We would also like to be relatively close to some sights, hill towns or coast etc. We plan to stay at the farm March 29-April 3–5 nights. Any recommendations?

  • Hello,
    I truly adore you’re website. A beautiful choice and great infos. We are a family with 3 kids .1 y,3y,10y and would like to discover the Tuscan area during August for 2 weeks.
    We are looking for a place with lots of charm , good food, activitys for the kids, a pool ect …:-) pls can you contact me.
    Warm regards

  • Hi
    We are travelling to Italy in September with our 3 and 6 year olds. We are planning on flying into Pisa and then maybe 2 nights in Lucca to experience living in the town before we find a villa or accommodation somewhere in Tuscany. I was thinking central so that we can visit Florence, Sienna, Chiannti and the thermal spa area, any suggestions would be great. We would like a pool as self catering but to be close to a village. We will have a car. Thanks

  • Thank you for this wonderful website. We are travelling to Italy in July and will be staying in the tuscany area for only 3 nights. Most of the properties you have listed, although exactly what we are looking for, are week-long rentals only. We have two children, 9 and 12, so we would need a room or apartment that sleeps 4. We’d definitely like a pool, and something located reasonably close to Sienna, Lucca/Pisa and Chianti (we will have a car). Horseback riding nearby would also be great. We are open to a place with a restaurant or without, as long as restaurants are not too far away. Also something with a lot of charm and a true tuscan feel (not really a “resort” or hotel). We are having a lot of trouble searching on our own as so many places are already booked. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you in advance for your help!

    • Thanks for the kind words Ana … we manage a list of good options that are not on the site as well. I’ll have one of our Family Vacation Consultants for Italy reach out to you in email. -Amie

  • Hi
    We are looking at travelling to italy for 6 weeks in September/October this year.
    We will be travelling with our two boys 3.5 and 1.5years.
    We are hoping to chose 2/3 locations ideally a farm stay in Tuscany/umbria – (pool/animals/well appointed/not too many apartments)
    Then maybe also the lakes district?
    Any suggestions would be great.
    With thanks

  • Hi -I am planning to take my 3 kids ages 9, 11, 14 to Italy this summer – I think a heavy itinerary of museums will probably turn the kids off so I am looking for alternatives , ie. farm stays and nature hikes and bike tours in Tuscany –
    any recommendations would be greatly appreciated -thanks

    • Hi Shira, We help families develop customized itineraries to avoid that very thing … boredom! I’ll have one of our Family Vacation Consultants reach out to you in email. Thanks! -Amie

      • Shira, I was wondering if you ended up going on this vacation. If so, where did you stay and would you recommend it? I am planning a farm-stay vacation in Italy this June with two boys, ages 7 and 9 and can very much relate to your question posted here.

        • Hi Maria! We have loads of family-friendly accommodation options in Tuscany … one of our Family Vacation Advisors will reach out in email to help. Happy travels!

  • Hi, We are looking for somewhere near to international airports (within an hours drive), to stay with our 2 and a half year old daughter. The more rural the better. Animals are a bonus, and onsite warm swimming pool. We were hoping to come between feb and may next year.
    Never been to italy before but have a very idyllic view in my mind of a rural retreat with amazing scenery and lots of relaxing but fun things to do with our toddler. Thanks

  • Dear Ciaobambino,
    Would really appreciate your advice, we are a family with two young children aged 3 and 1 looking for a farm holiday in Italy, with animals
    We can feed and play with, maybe picking if fruits, activities to do, ideally not to I far from international airport and hospital, with food available, and if course rooms to stay in, for the first week of October. Help !

  • Hi there,
    My wife and I are thinking of traveling to Italy with our (almost) two year old this August for a week or so. It sounds as though a farmstay in Tuscany may be a good option for a child that age and at that time of year. Any suggestions for places that are easy to get to and have good day trip options?
    Thanks for your help.

  • Hi Amie,
    Sorry for the very non specific information request. Again, hoping to take my 5 year old daughter away for the first week in may. Will be flying into Pisa. Reluctant to hire a car as nervous of Italian driving but not sure whether this an option.?Ideally somewhere with option of eating in ( if thinking about not driving), some activities for her to do – kid friendly. Really struggling to choose and work out the options.
    Kind regards,

    • Hi Sarah – Sorry for the delay. If you stay anywhere in the countryside in Tuscany, the reality is you need a car. I’d recommend taking the train to Florence and using that as a home base for the most activities without having to drive … -Amie

  • Hello jt,
    I would love to take my 5 year girl old to away for a week in may. Have been looking at farm stays. Just looking for entertainment for her – she loves all things animal, creative etc. would love your advice! Many thanks, Sarah

  • Dear JT, I am looking for a place to stay with my daughter, 4 years, and my parents during the final week of October. I am a single mother and teacher living in India and I’ve always wanted to take cooking classes in The Tuscany. We need two large and comfy beds, a suite like place with at least a small kitchen in our room, cooking classes, great food on site, walking trails, and if it’s a working farm that is even better. If they have a jacuzzi that would be a plus. I imagine we’d take a day trip to Siena and probably stay in a hotel in Florence, so we should probably be near Siena if possible.
    Any ideas?
    Ms. Britt

  • Your timing is perfect! I have been overwhelmed searching for the perfect Tuscan farm for our trip! Thanks so much:)

  • This is great information as my husband has often said he would like to visit Italy. I’ve been several times pre-baby and pre-husband and never experienced a “farm” atmosphere and will have to try this out! Thanks!

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