Disney World Plans? Why Families Are Choosing Disney Vacation Club Rentals

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Every parent knows that once their children reach a certain age the demands for a trip to Disney World soon follow.  Do not attempt to ignore these requests. Your children have been sold on this trip from a very early age with every Disney film they watch and every magical commercial they have seen, and their pleas will only increase in volume and frequency until you inevitably cave in.

So save yourself and your spouse from the days, weeks and years of begging and pleading by making your next family trip to Disney.

Disney's Boardwalk Resort Florida

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Finding Accommodations

Once you’ve made your decision to go, it’s important to find the accommodations that are going to best fit your family’s needs.  The traditional method for traveling families has seemed to always revolve around packing everyone into one of the many hotel or motel rooms in the Orlando-Kissimmee area. With a family of four this means everyone is sharing a bed, and if you have more than four in your family, someone’s sleeping on the floor or on a cot.

Aside from the sleeping situation, traditional hotel rooms don’t have much space in which to spread out. When tired children have no way to get away from one another, it can eventually lead to the dreaded “meltdown”.

The other downside of many hotels is the cost versus the proximity to your child’s favorite theme park.  Everyone wants to be closer to the parks, but price increases exponentially as the distance decreases. Less expensive options are available in towns outside the main park area, but then you have to deal with the hassle (and cost) of finding transportation to and from each day.  The ideal situation would be finding a place to stay that is affordable, spacious, and close to Disney, which is why many families are choosing to rent timeshare weeks from Disney Vacation Club owners.

Disney Vacation Club

Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is a points-based timeshare membership program in which families can purchase  are an annual allotment of Disney Points which can be exchanged for accommodations at any of the Disney Vacation Club resorts. Because the annual points are purchased in advance for a set number of years, the cost of these points is significantly less than the cost of trying to book accommodations each year as a non-member. Plus, the DVC resort accommodations are far superior to anything available in a hotel  or motel.

On occasion, DVC owners either cannot use their points or reserved week. Their membership requires them to pay annual maintenance fees on the ownership (whether they use the week or not), so they may choose to rent their week out to cover these expenses. This then gives Disney travelers the opportunity to stay in suites at some of Disney’s best resorts for prices equivalent to what they might pay for nearby hotel rooms.

Pricing and Cost Savings

Because all DVC members have purchased their accommodation in advance at a reduced rate, they are often willing to pass on these cost savings to renters. Plus Disney’s timeshare resorts offer plenty of perks and additional amenities on-site, so you can save on non-park activities, dining and more.

Unit Amenities

The units themselves are a huge upgrade as most come with separate bedrooms, living rooms, and fully equipped kitchens, which makes it a very attractive alternative to those traveling with families. Being able to spread out and let the kids play in the living room while you cook a meal is both relaxing and cost effective. Most of the suites also come with washers and dryers, which can be invaluable for those traveling with babies and young children prone to messes.

Location, Location, Location

The resorts are located right among the various theme parks like Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and the Magic Kingdom, and complimentary shuttles to the parks are a regular feature at DVC resorts. Within minutes you can be in the parks in the morning and quickly back to your room in the evening without worrying about getting tired children home.

The resorts also offer a number of services and amenities that aren’t available at hotels like activities for the children, complimentary shuttles to and from the airport, beautiful pools and fitness centers. Disney is a place for families, and so are its resorts.

With all the options available to you, it’s important to research what’s going to be best for your family’s comfort and financial means.  If you’re planning on visiting Disney for a week, look into renting a Disney timeshare from one of the many owners listing their properties on sites like SellMyTimeshareNOW.com.

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