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Introducing Tauck Bridges

We don’t write about things we haven’t personally experienced on Ciao Bambino; this is a big reason we have such loyal readers who know they can count on our advice. But we can’t do everything and our mission is to provide broad insight about traveling with kids. Consequently, there are times when it makes sense to feature sponsored posts written by a service provider versus us.

Today, we’re featuring a sponsored post from Tauck Bridges, the family-focused brand of Tauck, the award-winning global tour operator. Although I’ve been on a Tauck trip through Norway and it was indeed incredible, it was not a family trip. For their first post on Ciao Bambino, I asked Sharon Bell, the Brand Manager for Tauck Bridges, to educate us about what they offer to traveling families.

Why would a family even consider a group tour?  Read on …

As the mother of three, I want to give my children the best possible foundation for a successful life. I want them to be exposed to different cultures and traditions, share new discoveries that will open their eyes to the world around them and encourage them to expand their horizons and understanding as they learn new ways to do new things.

One of the best ways we’ve found to do this is through family travel. Always inspiring, travel can be life changing. It is transformational, eye opening, exciting, wondrous and engaging for travelers of every age — and can be one of the most rewarding gifts you can ever give to your children.

Tauck Bridges Kids in Pisa Italy

Introducing Tauck Bridges

That’s the idea behind Tauck Bridges, part of the award-winning, family-owned Tauck travel company brand. Tauck Bridges is dedicated to family travel. They believe that seeing the world changes you for the better, broadening your perspective with new appreciation for the inhabitants and places of our miraculous planet.

Tauck Bridges offers 15 different vacations in North America, Europe, Latin America and Tanzania, designed explicitly for families looking to explore the world together in a meaningful, enriching way. All-inclusive, Tauck Bridges trips are meticulously planned and seamlessly choreographed so that adults and kids can enjoy themselves – and each other – without worrying about any of the day-to-day details.

Each trip is managed by an experienced Tauck Director who handles all the logistics for you, from hotels and luggage to sightseeing and on-tour transportation arrangements, admission fees, meals, activities, insider information, special visits and even tipping. And they know how to keep the fun going with a friendly smile and a singular passion to make your family vacation the very best it can be.

Tauck Bridges Making Pizza Italy

Learning and Cultural Discovery are Paired with Fun

With Tauck Bridges, learning and cultural discovery go hand-in-hand with fun. After experiencing a family reunion on Tauck Bridges riverboat cruise down the Danube, 7-year old Daniel used one of his 3rd grade vocabulary words to describe his vacation: “I saw and learned ‘extraordinary’ stuff on my riverboat trip with my family. The crew was very friendly. They did magic tricks and made warm pretzels. In Vienna we had dinner at a palace and I got to put on a medieval helmet in a castle …”

A Connecticut father summed up his thoughts on Tauck Bridges in a way time-pressed, busy parents can really relate to. “Three days into our Tauck family trip, it dawned on me: I was worry-free. But it was more than that … I was so at ease, I was playing with my kids like I did when they were small. And it hit me just how much they missed that. And how much I missed it. For those incredible 8 days, we explored some of the coolest places in the world together. And, all at once I was their father, their teacher and their best friend. Words can’t express how much that meant to me. Thanks for such a wonderful gift.”

Tauck Bridges Family Nature Watching

Sharing Discovery Together as a Family

Traveling with Tauck Bridges is more than just seeing the landmark sights in the places you explore together. It’s about sharing the discovery together as a family and experiencing exclusive access to treasured sights and private events that only Tauck Bridges can deliver.

Tauck Bridges trips are like no other tours you will find. With 86 years of destination experience, family expertise and a drive toward creating innovative, unique itineraries, every Tauck experience is extraordinary. Tauck Bridges crafts itineraries that immerse family travelers in different cultures and in nature, sparking a passion for discovery and inspiring a sense of wonder in the world in which we live.

Tauck Bridges Venice Family Tour

Exploring Italy with Tauck Bridges

When thinking about meaningful travel for my family, Italy is at the top of my list. It’s a great destination for families to explore together and Tauck Bridges offers two weeklong vacations there with lots of enriching and Tauck-exclusive activities that everyone will enjoy.


For example, in Rome, along with pre-reserved tickets for a wait-free visit to the Colosseum, you’ll enjoy a very special after-hours tour of the Vatican Museums so you, your children and the other families you travel with can take in Michelangelo’s masterpiece without crowds.


The Renaissance comes to life in Florence on a guided tour and through the expert eyes of a local art historian who shares insights on what you’ll see in the Uffizi Gallery and the Galleria dell’ Accademia. A pizza dinner with Tauck Bridges isn’t just about eating this favorite Italian treat, it’s also about learning how to make it with a chef with everyone lending a hand!


Private boat rides bring you around the canal city of Venice, where you’ll also be treated to a soulful serenade on a gondola, and a mask-making demonstration with skilled artists.


In Sorrento, families spend an evening on a local farm, seeing how cheese is made and dancing the Tarantella. Sightseeing on the Isle of Capri is more fun by private convertible car. A funicular ride, jet boat adventure and private cruise along the Amalfi Coast are exciting ways to really take in the spectacular beauty and lifestyles in this part of Italy – and they’re all included with Tauck Bridges.

The Lynn family of Pennsylvania called their Tauck Bridges vacation to Italy “far and away, THE BEST TRIP OF OUR LIVES! This goes for every one of us, Steve, me and all 4 kids. So many things made such an incredibly memorable experience – our once-in-a-lifetime private to tour in the Vatican Museums, the pizza making and mask making events, the ‘dream’ gondola serenade, the fabulous local guides, THE FOOD, just everything … It does not get any better.

Whether it is Italy or any other Tauck Bridges trip, you can be sure of an extraordinary experience for the whole family. Did I mention that Tauck Bridges includes just about every vacation expense, including all gratuities, in one up-front price with no hidden fees? The peace of mind of knowing the full cost of your family vacation before you leave home is another great Tauck Bridges advantage that parents like me really appreciate!

You can learn more about Tauck Bridges at, along with watching videos of the real-life excitement families share with Tauck Bridges in the American West on Red Rocks & Painted Canyons and Cowboy Country, on Costa Rica: Jungles & Rainforests and in Italy on Italia Bella.


Sharon Bell, Brand Manager Tauck Bridges and mom of Griffin (16), Camryn (12) and Kayla (12)

Sponsored post by Tauck Bridges. Photos courtesy of Tauck Bridges

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