Best Winter Activities in London with Kids

Sometimes I wish I didn’t live in London. It’s such a lovely place for a family city break. And, as you can just as easily wake up to a beautiful sun painted day in London in mid-January as in mid-June, winter is as good a time as any to visit. Plus, if you come in Winter you expect it to be cold and maybe rainy, those sunny days are a bonus.

Be greeted by cold winds and thunder come Spring and your disappointment will be far greater and, however well you think you’ve packed, you’ll probably still need to go out and add to your wardrobe.


Quebec Winter Carnival Highlights for Families

My family and I have always wanted to explore Quebec City for a taste of European charm without having to cross the Atlantic. We finally got the chance to visit, and at just the right time of year, during the annual Winter Carnival, one of the world’s largest such events.  The Quebec Winter Carnival stands out because…