Can the World’s Most Iconic Luxury Hotels Be Truly Kid-Friendly?

When I mention that many of the world’s most luxurious hotels are kid-friendly, people often look at me like I’m drinking way too much of my own kool-aid.

Seriously, of the things that make a hotel family-friendly, one of the major factors is the attitude of the hotel management and staff. The reality is that hotels with truly exceptional service will make every guest—irrespective of age—feel welcome.

Guilt-Free Family Vacation with Downtime for Parents

Does this sound like a dream not reality?

Kids’ clubs can be an essential amenity for parents seeking downtime on vacation, particularly at resort properties where families spend the bulk of their time onsite. Many parents hesitate to use kids’ programs because they don’t want to feel guilty that they are “dumping” their kids into glorified daycare or they feel uncomfortable leaving their kids in an unknown environment.

Good news: It is possible to have …

Value Remains King in 2010

One of the few positive consequences of the travel downturn over the past year is that it has forced hotels at every quality level to become more value conscious.

Hoteliers who have been able to figure out how to manage costs while maintaining value for their guests have been able to ride out the storm while keeping occupancy rates higher than the industry average. I’ve seen this trend in action repeatedly through both our booking activity on Ciao Bambino and my own travel experiences.

Photo Friday: The Extraordinary Details of a Luxury Hotel

We have quite a few extraordinary hotels featured on Ciao Bambino and I’ve been lucky enough to stay at a large number of them. We checked into The Breakers last night and I have to say, I’m thoroughly wowed by this historic hotel in Palm Beach, Florida.

I’ll write a full report later. In the meantime, I have a few fun Photo Friday moments to share.