Tips for Healthy Travel with Kids

Like clockwork, the night before we are heading out of town I hear the, “Mom, I have a sore throat.” Given that I have four kids, aka mini petri dishes, it’s not uncommon for one of them to be sick, or brewing some sickness at all times.

Over the years, we’ve discovered that being prepared and having a plan of action saves both time and worry while traveling with kids.


Swimming Safety at Hotel Kids Clubs

I wrote about hotel kids’ clubs a few weeks ago—thoughtfully run programs are a fantastic amenity for families. We just published a list of all our properties with kids’ clubs on the Ciao Bambino homepage (use Quick Search located at the top of the page to narrow down options by age requirements and pricing).

That said, any parent that is considering using a kids’ club needs to understand if a program includes swimming and exactly what that means.

Traveling with a Toddler? Where You Stay Matters

I’d argue that traveling with a toddler is the most challenging of all the stages. Babies take work, but they are portable and can’t venture off on their own. Meltdowns and tantrums aside, the real issue when traveling with toddlers is that they are active, mobile, and into everything and anything. Given all the time, effort, and money that we put into toddler-proofing our homes, staying in random accommodations for even just a few days can be very stressful.

Sleep is a big issue too.

family on beach in mexico

International Travel with Kids: Emergency Preparedness Tips

Everyone would agree that careful planning for the event of an emergency is essential for any home, especially those with young children. Although this is not the most glamorous aspect of holiday planning, emergency preparedness is also an important part of traveling abroad with children. The following simple precautions could be lifesaving:   International Travel…