Photo Friday: Bringing Warmth to Children in Myanmar

One of the questions I also ask in my interviews with parents who travel internationally with kids is what they hope their children will get out of these trips. A common response is that they want their kids to learn that people live very differently all over the world. This isn’t a lesson that can be effectively taught in a classroom — it’s one that is most impactful when kids can actually experience a place and people first hand.

I was so moved by a recent story from a friend that traveled to Myanmar with her kids, ages 9 and 14, that I had to share it on Photo Friday. The photo shows children in an orphanage after the family gave them hats and warm clothes. This is in addition to raising $2,000 for this orphanage, which was used to build a new latrine, 3 tons of rice, 100 gallons of cooking oil, and some medicine.

The family remarked that despite the hardship of life there, the people of Myanmar are open and gracious. Talk about teaching your kids to be global citizens … what a life changing experience for this family.

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  1. Oh Amie – I’m so glad you shared this. It’s taking travel to another level, one that educates us about helping others and different ways of life. This is something we can never get enough reminders about. Wonderful photos.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I am always on the lookout for info on Myanmar and people who have found responsible ways to travel there. My husband and I have been thinking about a trip for years now, and we’ve seen and heard so many wonderful stories I think that time is approaching. What a great experience!

  3. What an amazing journey! Our church heads to a Mexican orphanage every year to help out with projects. I’m thinking of bringing my son along next year. I think he needs to see how kids in other parts of the world really live.

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