Luxury Travel Mom Investigates Bluefields Bay, Jamaica

Bluefields Bay invited Ciao Bambino to experience one of their luxury villas in Jamaica. We couldn’t make it, so I asked Kim-Marie Evans, The Luxury Travel Mom, if she could go and investigate. Here’s her report — a fun read! Bluefields Bay sounds like the ultimate retreat for families that need to get away from it all.

Jamaica and luxury are words that don’t always go together. Jamaica and massive all-inclusive hotel, yes. Jamaica and wild spring breaks, also yes.

When we were invited to review the luxury property Bluefields Bay Villas, we weren’t sure what to expect. They told us we would have “staff” and that “every need would be met.” This turned out to be an understatement.

Bluefields Bay Villas

Bluefields Bay Villas are an exclusive collection of six seaside homes. If you were a Rockefeller (or a Gates) and you were looking for a Caribbean pied-a-Terre, these would fit the bill.

Each home is completely different, what they have in common are private pools, full staff and lovely antiques. The homes feel as if your wealthy ancestors decorated them and left you the engraved silver platters and grandma’s good china.

Luckily, you don’t need to inherit your spot in the sun; Bluefields Bay Villas are for rent. Their idea of all-inclusive is beyond any definition we’ve ever seen.


Bluefields Bay Service

You are met at the airport by your personal driver (ask for Percy, trust me). The property is a little over an hour from the Montego Bay airport. If the drive seems just too long, you can book a helicopter. In 15 minutes you’ll be landing on the lawn of your estate.

Upon arrival (by car or copter) the staff greets you with a hearty “Welcome Home.” It’s enough to make you believe you might actually be a Rockefeller and just didn’t know it.

This is the Bluefields Bay definition of “staff.”

Headman: In charge of all of your activities, the rest of your staff and in my case, making the morning bloody mary.

Driver: Will take you wherever you might need to go, and if you are lucky enough to get Percy, will be a better tour guide than you could ever hire.

Housekeeper: Not only does she keep the house clean, she also does your laundry. It’s like having a mom that doesn’t yell at you for leaving towels on the floor. Wherever you go, she just picks up after you.

Chef: Every meal is prepared in your kitchen just for you. It’s then served up on the good china and silver. I still dream about the coconut rundown fish we were served one morning.

Nanny: You can reserve a nanny for each child. They will also travel with you. If you want go zip-lining but not leave your little one behind, the nanny will come along and keep them busy and happy while you risk your life.

Night watchman: This is the one that killed me. Pepito stayed up all night patrolling all six properties. I doubt there is any crime as I’m pretty sure I could take Pepito in a fight and he wasn’t armed. He also made the coffee so when you wake each morning, even if it’s 4 am, your coffee is ready for you.

Things to Do Around the Villas

Each villa is perched above the Caribbean Sea and has a private beach (naturally). You can relax in the sand, swim out to their private floating sun docks or take out the kayaks. If you choose to leave the property they can take you to YS Falls for zip-lining or in to Negril for some souvenir shopping, or really anywhere you want to go.

My favorite part of our stay was visiting the local schools. The owners of Bluefields Bay send fresh vegetables to the nearby schools, they built the computer lab at the local high school and they fund one of the grades at the basic school. Guests are welcome to bring much needed school supplies from a wish list and are allowed to deliver them in person.

This takes a vacation from just being relaxing to being truly meaningful. You can read about our school visit on Luxury Travel Mom.

Everything about our trip to Jamaica was a surprise, except for the Jamaicans. It’s always said that Jamaicans are the nicest people you’ll ever meet, this also was an understatement. We loved our time at Bluefields Bay, but more than the swank accommodations, we loved the staff and feel like we’ve made new friends.

Photo Credit: Bluefields Bay Villas and Kim-Marie Evans. Kim-Marie was hosted at Bluefields Bay but was not asked to express any particular point of view

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