Help Us Build Two Libraries in Zambia

Can you imagine a world without books or libraries? Books stir up our imagination and open our eyes to the bigger world around us — much like travel does. That’s why we love this year’s Passports with Purpose fundraiser.

For the fourth year in a row, travel bloggers around the world will unite to raise funds for a charity. After last year’s success, $64,000 raised to help build housing in India, Passports with Purpose is aiming to raise $80,000 to build two libraries in Zambia.

2010 Holiday Happenings

For many, the holidays mean travel. Making the trek to family on the other side of the country, escaping to a beach in Mexico, or skiing. Spending the holiday somewhere special has its perks, but my family does an amazing amount of excursions over the weekends leading up to (and after) Christmas and New Year’s.

We may not be hopping on and off of planes, but we’re definitely hitting the road to take advantage of the whirlwind of great “holiday things” on the calendar.

Don’t Miss Omni Hotel Giveaway & CB Travel Gift List

Holiday shopping mania is in full swing. There are holiday gift lists circulating all over the web right now. The upside? No shortage of information and suggestions. The downside? Sifting through all the articles is yet another chore we don’t have time for!

If travel gifts are on your mind, we have fantastic travel gift ideas for kids on CB. Plus, if you don’t see something you like on our list, we’re getting loads of comments from Ciao Bambino readers with additional suggestions.

Travel Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages

The countdown is on and there’s shopping to be done. The good news is many companies have finally figured out traveling families can mean big business, so more and more products that make parents (and kids) lives a little easier on the road are showing up every day.

We’ve broken down the gift list by age group. Nancy Solomon covers gifts for babies, toddlers, and school age kids and Dana …

Paradise by Marriott Resorts Prize for Passports with Purpose

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season in the US. It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is here Thursday … this also means that the Passports with Purpose travel blogger fundraiser is in full swing.

We announced our incredible Passports with Purpose prize last Monday—a 5-night stay in a suite plus dinner at the Riviera Palm Springs. In addition, we are also thrilled to be part of another truly wonderful prize, a 5-night stay at any of the nine Paradise by Marriott resorts …

Help Build a Village in India

We are participating in the Passports with Purpose fundraiser again this year. After last year’s huge success, $30,000 raised and a school built and operating in Cambodia, Passports with Purpose has another good deed in the works—a plan to raise $50,000 to help build housing in India!

Proceeds from the fundraiser will go to LAFTI (Land for Tillers’ Freedom), an independent, nonprofit organization based in India dedicated to improving the lives of the Dalit Caste, India’s poorest of the poor population.

Top 10 2009 Travel Experiences – Happy New Year!

It is hard to believe it is already the eve of 2010. This past year went by ridiculously fast. I love that the start of a new year means my husband has vacation days again, i.e. let travel planning begin!

Looking back, we had fantastic adventures in 2009. We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to explore the world together.

Holiday Gifts for Jetsetting Tweens and Teens

It’s already started. Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles calling and emailing to ask what my girls want for the holidays. We have a well-earned reputation (that we’re very proud of) for jumping on planes and going just about anywhere, thus holiday presents have taken on a travel theme, resulting in great gifts that make trips run smoother than ever.

Nancy did a post on holiday gifts last month. Here’s our list—many of our favorites are things we use in day to day life. Nothing’s sitting in a box collecting dust between vacations.

Follow the Travel Bloggers’ Caravan and Win Cool Prizes

In addition to Passports with Purpose this holiday season, Ciao Bambino will participate in the first (and, hopefully, annual) Travel Blogger’s Caravan. We invite you to follow 15 top travel bloggers for a chance to win cool prizes.

Prizes range from hotel gift cards and overnight stays—to digital cameras and noise-cancelling headphones—to luggage and camera bags—to travel guidebooks and DVDs.