Best Places to Go in Italy with Kids: Live Tips from a CB! Expert

Italy is and has always been our No. 1 most requested destination at Ciao Bambino, and for good reason! Not only do Italians adore children of all ages, the country is stuffed with more ancient ruins, glorious landscapes and cultural masterpieces than you could experience in several decades’ worth of travel (and that’s not even counting the food). It’s this wealth of choice that can make planning a family vacation here feel daunting … with so many possibilities, how can you figure out the best places to go in Italy and distill them into a week or even two?

Tips for Traveling to Italy for Families!

Posted by Ciao Bambino! on Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Meet Laurel Perry, an Italy expert and Ciao Bambino Family Vacation Advisor who works with families to solve exactly this dilemma. Laurel, who lives in Tuscany for four months out of each year, knows Italy from corner to corner and creates incredible custom itineraries that represent the trip of a lifetime for many of her clients. She went live on our Facebook page to offer a few tips — here’s just a glimpse of the wisdom she shares in the video above:

  • Why you shouldn’t visit Florence without a family-friendly guide
  • Her best strategy for avoiding crowds at the Vatican
  • Where to head for beautiful beaches (including a couple you’ve never heard of)
  • What kids like most about exploring Venice
  • Under-the-radar Tuscan towns and activities that parents and kids will love

It’s not often you get access to such amazing family travel advice from an insider. Don’t pass up the chance!

Rome, Italy. Photo by Luc Mercelis

Let Us Help You Plan an Unforgettable Italy Family Vacation

Ciao Bambino’s Italy planners can work with you one on one to book vetted kid-friendly accommodations, craft a custom itinerary that’s tailored to your needs and interests, arrange private guides and activities, and more. Reach out via our contact form, and a member of our Family Vacation Advisor Team will follow up directly. Follow us on Facebook for the latest Italy content, from live videos to destination and accommodations reviews!

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  1. Hi Laurel,
    I loved listening to your Italian experience with kids. I am sure you can help me. I am bringing my 14 year old grandson to Italy in July. You are so right. I do not want to drag him around. I have our first 3 night in Rome, arriving early Saturday am and staying in Trastevere. I am looking for suggestions. I know I would like him to see the Vatican and would like to buy a tour with a guide who appreciates a kid who is excited by architecture and mythology. I saw a Gladiator school which could be a fun experience and I love a guide for the coliseum who you could hopefully recommend.
    From there I was hoping to take the train to Florence and I would love a guide and a recommended hotel. (I will not have a car) I love the idea of Tuscan countryside for those nights and would need recommended places available to public transportation. Olive/wine farm tour was fun for my 14 yo granddaughter a couple of years ago.
    ,Our Monday 31 early am flight is out of Rome returning to NYC. Is the beach you mentioned available on the weekend before we leave or I am open, I thought we would end up in Rome but maybe better to extend the Tuscan area where he could bicycle saftely. I am a little, a lot rusty ,but he does bike in NYC.

  2. Typically, how long does it take for a travel advisor to get back to you? I submitted a form last week and haven’t heard anything yet. I just filled out the form again today. We will be outside of Florence for two weeks in August and I want to make sure we plans some activities and get some kid friendly tour guides before they are all booked up. Thanks!

    • Hi Jennifer! Thank you for submitting a second request. We private messaged you on 6/12 and today. Please check your spam folder for any messages from Ciao Bambino. Sorry for the delay. Happy travels!

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