10 Reasons to Visit Alaska with Kids

There is a reason that Alaska is high on many family travel bucket lists.  An Alaska family vacation is a little mysterious, a little off the beaten path and full of adventurous activities and wildlife. It’s impossible not to get caught up in Alaska when you visit because you are surrounded and immersed in the destination.

I recently attended the Alaska Media Road Show hosted by the State of Alaska Tourism Office at Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore in Santa Barbara.   I discovered that the largest state in the union, it’s twice the size of Texas, has much to offer families including — but not limited to — cruises.

alaska wilderness photo

Family travel is an important component of Alaska tourism and you’ll not only find detailed information and sample itineraries on most of the websites highlighted in this article, but there’s usually a mention for families too.

10 Reasons to Visit Alaska with Kids

1.  Alaska is closer than you think.  It seems so far away yet on Alaska Air it’s only a two hour flight from Seattle to the Inside Passage towns of Juneau or Ketchikan and three and a half hours to Anchorage, gateway to the Kenai Peninsula where Alaskans go to play.

2.  It’s the perfect multi-generational trip.  It’s a destination that appeals as much to a 5-year-old as to an 85-year-old

3.  Alaska has rich history.  You can still experience native Alaskan cultures and customs, see the Russian influence in Sitka and experience the Gold Rush era and pan for gold in Skagway.

4.  Flightseeing is a regularly scheduled activity here; land on water, a runway, a mountain or a glacier.

5.  There are an estimated 100,000 glaciers in Alaska; you’re chances of seeing, touching or hiking on a glacier are high.

6.  Cruising is king in Alaska; there is a cruise experience for everyone, even the non-cruisers.  Small ship cruises on InnerSea Discoveries don’t stop in any ports while Alaskan Dream Cruises visit a mix of smaller ports.  On the larger ship side, Holland America has been in Alaska for over 65 years and has a variety of cruise and land-cruise itineraries including some leaving from Seattle.

7.  The wildlife and marine life are not shy; this is the U.S. version of a safari.  Moose, brown bears, black bears, polar bears, bald eagles, mountain goats, whales, orcas and more make their home in Alaska.

8.  The seafood.  There are five different varieties of salmon found in Alaska and snow crab and king crab are celebrities here thanks to the Deadliest Catch show.

9.  This is transportation central.  Kids especially are transfixed by transportation and Alaska has a bit of everything; floatplanes, helicopters, jet boats, ferries, trains and more.

10.  Alaskans, like Wisconsinites and Michiganders, can make the shape of their state with their hand. (I’m from Wisconsin — great minds think alike.)

I’m thinking summer 2013 can’t come soon enough.  It’s Alaska or bust for my family.

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A good place to start your Alaska travel planning is the Alaska State tourism website, Travel Alaska.  It has maps, things to do and sample itineraries.

Photo provided by Alaska Tourism

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