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Nancy Daum

  • Travel Advisor
  • Barcelona, Spain

Before Becoming an Advisor …

Before becoming a travel advisor, I operated my own tour company, focusing on crafting memorable, family-centric tours that catered to the interests and needs of all ages. My background as a middle and high school social studies teacher enriched these tours, allowing me to weave educational narratives into each journey, making every destination come alive with historical and cultural significance. Additionally, I’ve led virtual cultural tours, utilizing digital platforms to bring the world’s wonders to those unable to travel physically, a practice that honed my skills in storytelling and engagement. My experience as a virtual conference moderator further developed my organizational and communication skills, enabling me to manage online events smoothly and effectively, a testament to my ability to adapt and innovate in the evolving travel landscape.

My Favorite Travel Experiences

My favorite travel experiences are a tapestry of adventure, culture, and personal moments that have profoundly shaped my view of the world. Crossing Morocco by motorcycle was an exhilarating journey that allowed me to feel the pulse of the country’s diverse landscapes up close, from bustling markets to serene deserts. Climbing the High Atlas Mountains offered not just a physical challenge, but also an unforgettable insight into the resilience of the human spirit, surrounded by breathtaking vistas. Witnessing the running of the bulls in Pamplona was a heart-pounding spectacle that immersed me in the raw energy and traditions of Spanish culture. The first time I swam in the clear waters of the Mediterranean, I was captivated by its serene beauty and the timeless connection it offered to civilizations’ past. Visiting Istanbul was a mesmerizing experience, where East meets West, and history is intertwined with every step through its majestic palaces and vibrant bazaars. Shopping in Paris with my mother was not just about the fashion and the flair but about the cherished memories we created, walking through the City of Light, bonding over our shared love for beauty and exploration. Each of these experiences has contributed to my mosaic of memories, forever shaping my approach to travel and life.

Why I Love My Job

I love my job because I firmly believe that travel has the power to change lives, offering new perspectives and experiences that enrich and educate. It’s particularly rewarding to see travel preparing children to become the future stewards of our world, instilling in them a sense of responsibility, curiosity, and respect for different cultures and environments. Moreover, my role offers the perfect mix of logistics and creativity, allowing me to meticulously plan each detail while crafting unique and memorable experiences for each traveler. This blend of precision and imagination makes every day exciting and fulfilling, knowing I’m contributing to someone’s life-changing journey.

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