Need to Know Facts About Cinque Terre and the Italian Riviera for Families

If you’ve been to the Italian Riviera between June and August, this scene looks familiar. For some families, this rocky stretch of coastline in Liguria is the ultimate summer holiday destination.

In fact, questions about visiting Italian beaches with kids in the summertime comes up more often than almost any other topic on Ciao Bambino. Given this, I thought it would be fun to showcase some recent family vacation photos, as well as need to know tips for visiting this area.

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Hunting for the Best Ice Cream

The topic for this months’ Travel Blog Mob post is travel ideas that make us smile. While there are many things about travel that make give me the grins, there is one constant eurphoria producer — ice cream.

The irony is I’m not one of of those people that goes crazy for dessert, but I do love the thrill of hunting for incredible artisan ice cream. Moreover, this is a travel activity your kids will enthusiastically join and a way to inspire them to explore a neighborhood with you.

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Everything You Think You Know About Family Travel … Is Wrong

The Travel Blog Mob is writing about travel misconceptions this month. A particularly relevant subject for traveling with kids given that parents tend to have loads of preconceived notions about what it entails.

When I first launched Ciao Bambino in 2004 as a planning service to help families travel to Italy with kids, I’ll never forget my conversation with a friend who looked me in the eye and said, “I can barely manage to get to the grocery store with my kids …”

Don’t Miss Omni Hotel Giveaway & CB Travel Gift List

Holiday shopping mania is in full swing. There are holiday gift lists circulating all over the web right now. The upside? No shortage of information and suggestions. The downside? Sifting through all the articles is yet another chore we don’t have time for!

If travel gifts are on your mind, we have fantastic travel gift ideas for kids on CB. Plus, if you don’t see something you like on our list, we’re getting loads of comments from Ciao Bambino readers with additional suggestions.