Rail Europe, Bernina Express

When and Why to Use Rail Europe

Despite living in Europe for the past 5 months, I still get confused when I’m trying to figure out where and how to best buy train tickets. Given that every country has their own train websites, when and why should you use aggregate distribution sites like Rail Europe?

I asked Rail Europe for an e-interview to answer some of the critical questions for families.

Getting Around Italy by Train

At home we covet the latest tech gadget and are frustrated by anything that seems arcane – but drop us in Italy for a vacation and suddenly we’re waxing poetic about how delightfully romantic and old-fashioned it is to chug around the country by train. Until, that is, something doesn’t go according to plan at the train station.

Getting around Italy by train can be just as delightful and romantic as you imagine it will be if you know what to expect and you’re willing to improvise.