72 Hours in Paris with Kids

My good friend and author of the Ciao Bambino! book series, Danna Leahy, visited us in Switzerland this summer with her 7 and 10-year-old kids in tow. As part of her itinerary, she planned a four-night stop in Paris.

When Danna explained what she planned to cover during her time in Paris, I laughed. I know the Type A mom personality — ahem — well, as I look in the mirror each morning. Our husbands tell us that we pack too many activities into short periods of time. True.

Paris with Kids: Exploring Art and War

I recently took the four kids and my mother to Paris for 4 days. Katherine, the 4-year-old, spent much of the time asking, “Are we where we want to be?,” which I think sums up perfectly the joy of bringing children, or anyone for that matter, to a city as beautiful and interesting as Paris.

The answer was and will always remain: yes and no. What makes a city like Paris so much fun is that no matter how carefully you research and plan …