Cozy Winter Ambience and Snow-Covered Fun at Sunriver Resort in Oregon

Traveling over the river and through the woods doesn’t just lead to grandmother’s house. For families who visit Central Oregon in winter, this magical path leads right to Sunriver Resort. A long-time Ciao Bambino favorite property, Sunriver Resort is a proven summer vacation destination. So I was excited to see what it offers guests in the…

Best U.S. Hotels and Resorts for a Multigenerational Family Vacation

Multigenerational travel is a huge trend for the foreseeable future — now, more than ever, families realize the value of meaningful time together in a setting that offers a wealth of quality activities. The key? Planning for larger family groups requires attention to features and facets that make a property well suited for multiple ages. Consider these…


Family Vacation in Oregon: Sunriver Resort Review

Mulling over a family vacation in Oregon? Sunriver Resort, part of Destination Hotels & Resorts, is on the family travel cult list for Northwest resorts we love. I uncovered the 10 top reasons parents love Sunriver Resort with kids recently on the CB! blog. If you’re inspired to learn more and planning a trip to the resort, there are things to know.

Sunriver Resort Family Biking

10 Reasons Families Love to Vacation at Sunriver Resort

Whenever you meet someone who has vacationed at Sunriver Resort with kids, they rave about the experience. This outdoors-focused resort in Central Oregon has legendary status among families. After spending a week there this summer with four kids from 3 to 14, I’m onboard with the rave reviews.

Here’s what makes Sunriver so great with kids: