Squaw Valley Village Restaurants

What’s New at Squaw Valley for Families

Squaw Valley has Olympic history; it hosted the 1960 winter Olympics and is the home mountain of Olympic gold medalist Jonny Moseley who is now a spokesperson for the ski resort. It also has a reputation for extreme skiing.

What you may not know is that Squaw Valley is transforming itself to appeal to a larger audience; beginner and intermediates skiers, foodies and families take note – there is more here for you now.

Boy Wearing Icebreaker Hoody

Braving Europe’s Frigid Winter Weather with Icebreaker

We don’t review many products on Ciao Bambino. We stick to what we do best, sharing invaluable tips and advice about traveling with kids. I couldn’t resist, however, agreeing to give Icebreaker apparel a test drive now that I live in Switzerland.

Icebreaker’s specialty is marino wool clothing known to be breathable yet super warm. They produce a kids’ line for ages 1-14. I don’t know about you, but we endure a constant layers struggle with our 9-year-old who thinks …


Holiday Gift List for Traveling Kids

The holidays are a perfect time to stock up on inspiring travel gifts for kids. As family travel becomes more mainstream, there are more and more beautiful options from which to choose.

Conveniently, the gift-giving season corresponds with holiday travel so the gifts get to be tried out right away — always a bonus!

I love creating this list every year. It’s a great excuse for me to test out new products and indulge in the latest toys and gear.


Kid-Friendly Tour of the Marrakech Medina

The highlight of Marrakech for adults and kids alike is undoubtedly the medina (old city). Stepping into the medina is like landing on another planet — one where the same traditions have been in place for hundreds of years.

The medina is comprised of a network of souks — open-air markets — where anything and everything is on display. Many of the handicrafts are produced within the market and you can watch artisans at work. This is the only shopping experience we’ve encountered thus far in our travels that our 8-year-old has enjoyed.

privo by clarks

Summer Travel Retail Therapy: Like and Want List

As families head into summer, a mild panic starts to set in as we finalize travel planning and seasonal activities with our kids. Of course, all the upcoming fun is a great excuse to shop!

Here’s our summer travel retail therapy “like” and “want” list. I love that these ideas from moms living on both coasts in the US and across the Atlantic are varied, yet all help make travel easier and more enjoyable. What’s on your list?

photo of the kids water park at the jw marriott in san antonio texas.

Things To Do in San Antonio with Kids

At first glance San Antonio seems like a dream destination. Year round temperate climate – check. History – check. Culture – check. Great food – check. And then you look a bit deeper and realize that San Antonio has everything a traveling family could ask for in a vacation spot.

Fabulous Weather. San Antonio’s temperate climate makes the city perfect to visit year-round. Average lows in December and January hover around 50°F, while summer highs reach the mid-90’s.

Travel Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages

The countdown is on and there’s shopping to be done. The good news is many companies have finally figured out traveling families can mean big business, so more and more products that make parents (and kids) lives a little easier on the road are showing up every day.

We’ve broken down the gift list by age group. Nancy Solomon covers gifts for babies, toddlers, and school age kids and Dana …

Things to Do in Shanghai with Kids

For some parents, visiting a big city causes big worries. I look at it just the opposite. Big cities mean there’s a bigger chance your family will have a great time. An added bonus, regardless of the where, language is rarely a barrier in big cities, making places like Shanghai a great family travel adventure.

When you travel to China from the US, chances are your flight will bring you in or out of Beijing or Shanghai.

Holiday Gifts for Jetsetting Tweens and Teens

It’s already started. Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles calling and emailing to ask what my girls want for the holidays. We have a well-earned reputation (that we’re very proud of) for jumping on planes and going just about anywhere, thus holiday presents have taken on a travel theme, resulting in great gifts that make trips run smoother than ever.

Nancy did a post on holiday gifts last month. Here’s our list—many of our favorites are things we use in day to day life. Nothing’s sitting in a box collecting dust between vacations.