Summer Camp Has Grown Up at SeaWorld Career Camp

Kids and summer camp go hand in hand. Chances are you went to camp when growing up, and came home covered in a layer of dust and mud. Then when you became a parent it became a tradition of sorts to send your kids off on their own adventure.

Difference is, summer camp has grown up too. My teen was interested in just one camp this summer – SeaWorld Career Camp. Getting muddy has a tough time competing with getting wet, especially when the water is full of dolphins, penguins and sea turtles.

Giant Fish at SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld San Diego Educates and Entertains All Ages

San Diego is always a great destination for family vacations. In addition to its natural beauty with the beaches, there are a handful of excellent theme parks, like the San Diego Zoo, the Safari Park, and Legoland. However, unlike other destinations that are defined by their amusement parks, San Diego is simply enhanced by them.

This last trip we explored SeaWorld; this park is always a favorite of mine as they successfully combine marine education and unique entertainment for all ages.