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Things To Do in Santa Cruz, California with Kids

Spring is coming. This is about the time of year many families start replacing trips to the snow with trips to the beach. If you’re ready to reach into the closet for flip flops instead of ski boots, think about a family vacation in Santa Cruz.

There’s plenty of great things to do with kids of all ages in Santa Cruz, but its location sets it apart from other Northern California beachside areas.


Summertime Family Fun on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Part of the beauty of summer vacation is being able to get up and just go. A tank of gas and a little gusto can have huge payoff, especially when the final destination for your family is a place like the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

Getting There

About a two hour drive from San Francisco, the Boardwalk and summer go hand in hand. You’ll spend the first hour on the freeway, but the second hour, after you pass …