Ten Cities with Great Holiday Ice Skating Rinks

Something about the image of skaters conjures up that holiday feeling. As winter begins, skating outdoors is accessible even in the most unlikely places. Cities all over the world feature wonderful rinks to help get families in the holiday spirit.

Last year on our spring family vacation, I noticed the rink in Philadelphia’s center and it got me thinking about all the great outdoor rinks that offer this fun winter activity.

New York Week: Holiday Activities with Young Kids

The holiday season in New York City is by far one of the most beautiful times for a visit. It is a moment when the streets are filled with symbols of holiday traditions and songs, and the city is bursting with festivities and activities for the whole family.

However, there are some popular activities that can be a bit difficult to enjoy with younger children, be it due to the cold weather or the crowds, and families tend to forgo many of the various celebrations.