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Family Travel Planning Made Easy:

Preferred Hotel Group, a premier marketing association of independent hotels, has proven that they understand that families need customized information when planning vacations. Gone are the days when stating a hotel is family-friendly and not explaining why or how is enough online.

In response to a call for more and better information, Preferred Hotel Group launched, a dedicated site for families where they can discover Preferred Family Certified Hotels in a single, robust website full of invaluable tips and information.

Bowood Hotel Exterior England

Family-Friendly Luxury at Bowood Hotel in Wiltshire, England

I’ve been itching to get to the English countryside for months now and finally had the opportunity to do so when we had grandparents in town in September. Given the sheer number of flights going in and out of London, it’s often less expensive to fly into Heathrow (or other London airports) than other European cities (this applies to flights from major North American hubs as well).

Once our tickets were purchased, the real challenge begun. The English countryside is vast and has an unbelievable array of extraordinary things to see and do.

Family at Bella Baita in the Italian Alps

Favorite Kid-Friendly Hotels from Family Travel Blogs Around the Web

Family travel bloggers stay at an extraordinary number of hotels with their kids. It’s not unusual to stay at a few properties in a single destination for the sole purpose of comparing and contrasting experiences.

We are constantly evaluating hotels with a critical eye. In fact, I’m not sure I have the ability to relax on vacation and not observe every detail.

With this in mind, I invited leading family travel bloggers from around the web …

Oh Where, Oh Where are the Switzerland Tourist Attractions

One of the things that has been most challenging about our move to Switzerland is the lack of high quality, detailed travel and activity information in English. A very surprising discovery considering the number tourists visiting the numerous sites of interest throughout this country.

I finally got so fed up with the lack of easy-to-access, detailed content that I tried to order a few books on Amazon before our last trip to the US only to discover that the ship date for what seemed like the best books is 4-5 months out. Baffling!

Italy’s Best Places for Moms (Dads and Kids too)

Susan Van Allen writes about Italian travel and interviewed me for her book, 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go. I finally had time to sit down with her book on vacation this summer. Wow, what an inspirational resource for all of us who have a love affair with all that is Italian!

Susan writes about Italy’s feminine spirit and describes the places and experiences that transform travelers. Her description of Italy as a place that “brings peace and comfort, a place that stirs that soul” is applicable to both sexes and all ages.

Travel the World with

One of the big reasons we love to travel internationally is the opportunity to experience how people around the world live differently than we do.

Many families don’t have the resources to travel abroad with kids yet still want to expose kids to different people, places, and cultures in an impactful way. Textbooks are a start but multimedia is a far richer way to share information.

Announcing Best Family Travel Advice!

Have a family travel-related question? Ask an expert!

I’m thrilled to announce our participation in an exciting new project, Best Family Travel Advice. We’re collaborating with the top family travel bloggers to offer families an invaluable resource. You can ask any question you want and one or more of us will answer it!

The beauty of Best Family Travel Advice is you can ask questions relevant to an upcoming trip and get a customized response.

How to Pick Your Next Family Vacation Venue

Picking the venue for a family vacation can be difficult. Although the end result is fun, weighing all the needs, wants and constraints can be tedious. Every other year we plan an extensive family vacation with my father and all of my siblings. There are 17 of us in all with 9 children, 6 parents and 2 grandparents. It can be complicated! Here’s how I get started:

Trip Needs: Check-in and get and idea about what everyone needs—meaning, are you all burnt out and you just need to lie on a beach?

family travel growth on web

Family Travel Growth on the Web

Ciao Bambino is one of the old-timers in the Internet family travel world. When I started the company in 2004 as a planning service for families traveling to Italy, there were few online resources offering advice to people traveling with kids.

The family travel space has exploded over the last year alone with new websites and blogs popping up every day. We recently announced a partnership with the Nile Guide where we developed family-focused activity guides …