Rail Europe, Bernina Express

When and Why to Use Rail Europe

Despite living in Europe for the past 5 months, I still get confused when I’m trying to figure out where and how to best buy train tickets. Given that every country has their own train websites, when and why should you use aggregate distribution sites like Rail Europe?

I asked Rail Europe for an e-interview to answer some of the critical questions for families.


A Luxury Home Away From Home in London: Brown’s Hotel

Getting ready for a family trip to Europe is exciting. With so many places to see, Europe has endless of options to offer families. A fantastic way to begin a family travel tradition is to take kids to London.

Why not London? In a land of Royals and the palaces they call home, fancy mixes well with fun. From watching British history in action, to realizing cell phones will never replace all phone booths and maybe discovering a new found love for tea, London is easy to love.