Bowood Hotel Exterior England

Family-Friendly Luxury at Bowood Hotel in Wiltshire, England

I’ve been itching to get to the English countryside for months now and finally had the opportunity to do so when we had grandparents in town in September. Given the sheer number of flights going in and out of London, it’s often less expensive to fly into Heathrow (or other London airports) than other European cities (this applies to flights from major North American hubs as well).

Once our tickets were purchased, the real challenge begun. The English countryside is vast and has an unbelievable array of extraordinary things to see and do.


Grab the Family and Dive into the Wine Country

The Northern California Wine Country is one of the world’s top destinations to visit — without your kids. It’s got a bad reputation when it comes to being family-friendly. I understand how the rumor probably got started. Kids drink milk not wine. The Wine Country has been fighting the bad rap for years, and this summer they landed a knockout punch thanks to Francis Ford Coppola.

The man who gave us Apocalypse Now and The Godfather had a vision of a winery …

“American Plan” Resorts: Historic All-Inclusives for Families

Although one might believe that “all-inclusive” resorts have only recently become popular, this is not the case. For generations, there have been “all-inclusive” resorts all over America, but they very subtly market themselves as “American Plan Resorts.”

I wasn’t familiar with the term until recently on a recent stay at Basin Harbor Club where I was able to speak with the owner. Through the discussion, it became apparent why these resorts typically date back a few …