Family Riding Camels in Sahara Desert Morocco

Tips for Planning a Trip to Morocco with Kids

If you followed my recent trip to Morocco on Twitter or read Morocco Family Adventure on Mother of All Trips last week, you know our experience in this North African country was tremendous.

International trips that include multiple stops in remote locations, however, require meticulous planning. Add kids to the trip and there’s a new layer of vulnerability and complexity to consider. There are things …


Kensington Tours Top Family Trips for 2014

Regular readers of the CB! blog know that we love Kensington Tours. I’ve traveling through Morocco and Costa Rica with them, and we’ve now connected our Family Vacation Consulting Team clients with Kensington Tours for different trips … the reviews continue to be fantastic! Kensington Tours is one of our Smart Parents Guide to Family…

Costa Rica Zip Line Canopy Tour in Arenal

Choosing Between Arenal Zip Line Canopy Tours in Costa Rica with Kids

A zip line canopy tour is a must for thrill-seeking families vacationing in Costa Rica. In our case, we decided to divide and conquer as I’m not a heights fan, but the joy that comes with gliding down these cables in the jungle is priceless and is more often than not a trip highlight. Costa Rica has unbelievable Adventure Family Travel infrastructure and the challenge is choosing between all the the options.

Per my recent Best Itinerary for a Costa Rica Family Vacation article, Arenal, 90 km northwest of San Jose …

Costa Rica Beach Photo

New Kidtastic Ciao Bambino Costa Rica Adventure

We loved our recent family vacation in Costa Rica with Kensington Tours so much that I worked with them to create a new itinerary based on our experience. Kidtastic Ciao Bambino Costa Rica Adventure is the result of those efforts. It’s the perfect itinerary for families visiting Costa Rica for the first time with school age and up kids.

Kensington Tours Guide Manuel Antonio

Best Itinerary for a Costa Rica Family Vacation

If you are dreaming of a trip where you “do” with your kids instead of supervising them, Costa Rica is the ultimate participatory family adventure travel vacation. Don’t let the word “adventure” scare you, Costa Rica with kids doesn’t need to be all thrills, or all animals, or all beach for that matter – you can fit a taste of everything into the right itinerary.

Costa Rica is easy to access with two international airports, Liberia and San Jose.

Arenal Canopy Tour Costa Rica

Why Families Love to Vacation in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an increasingly popular adventure family travel destination. With good reason! The list of thrilling things to see and do is long and Costa Rica has done a phenomenal job of protecting and preserving its vast natural resources for the world to enjoy. From National Parks and Biological Reserves, to beaches on both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, to six active volcanoes, the biggest challenge in enjoying Costa Rica with kids is deciding what to do.

We just spent a week in Central America with Kensington Tours and learned first-hand why families love to vacation in Costa Rica:

Quetzal in Monteverde Costa Rica

Photo Friday: Costa Rica with Kids

We’re in Costa Rica this week with the award-winning tour operator Kensington Tours. Extraordinary family travel moments are the norm here — I can’t wait to share all the details of our experience.

In the meantime, here’s a peek at a highlight from our family trip in Costa Rica. We saw not just one, but three different Quetzal birds in Monteverde.


A Cultural Gift Over Lunch on a Family Tour of Morocco

One of the most challenging parts of international travel with kids is enabling them to really engage with a new culture. It’s the difference between being an observer versus a participant; the latter creates the biggest impact. Ways to accomplish this include kid-friendly walking tours or taking a class — anything that brings kids and locals together in an interactive way.

During our extraordinary family tour of Morocco, Kensington Tours organized a lunch in a home. This authentic glimpse of Moroccan life was a trip highlight for all of us.


Sahara Desert Sand Dunes of Morocco for Photo Friday

Ever since I watched (and re-watched) the movie English Patient, I’ve dreamed of seeing the Sahara Desert sand dunes in North Africa.

When I planned our family trip to Morocco in October, I was determined to include sand dunes in our itinerary. A task that proved challenging and ultimately, impacted every stop we made on our trip. I quickly realized that no matter how you organize sightseeing stops in Morocco, a trip to the dunes involves 10+ hours of driving through remote parts of the country.

High Atlas Mountain Views Morocco

Family-Friendly Sustainable Tourism in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains

When we travel to destinations in remote regions where day-to-day life for local people is a struggle, we try and select accommodations that support the communities around them.

Fortunately for all, Sustainable Tourism is fast-growing around the world. If your kids are old enough to process the shift in how people live versus what they are used to seeing at home, staying in accommodations that are deeply integrated …