Royal Garden Hotel executive room lounge area

Royal Garden Hotel London Welcomes Little Princes and Princesses

What better spot to kick off London explorations than from the back door of Kensington Palace? The Royal Garden Hotel is a 5-star luxury property on Kensington High Street, just steps away from Hyde Park and the beautiful Kensington Palace. The hotel goes out of its way to welcome families with special packages and amenities…

westminster abbey site of the royal wedding 2011

Watch a Real Life Fairy Tale Unfold

I do feel sorry for our Royal Family sometimes. They just don’t look as glam as the stuff of fairy tales. I’ve already warned you not to take your kids to a British royal residence when the owner is in. They will get the shock of their lives if Queen Elizabeth II is on a walk about. Our royal Octogenarian prefers a headscarf to a crown most days, teamed with a sensible jumper and skirt and nice sturdy shoes. No glass slippers, ball gowns and tiaras for her most days of the week.

But on April 29 …