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Essential Tips for Traveling Long Distances with a Baby

This was our first international trip with our son and it was a big one. We traveled from Seattle, WA all the way to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania with a layover in Amsterdam. Two 10-hour flights and a 3-hour layover. Friends thought we were crazy. Maybe we were. But we made it and had a great flight and trip!

Here are the most impactful and important …


10 Sanity-Saving Tips for Flying Overseas with a Baby

Get your goodies

If you’re flying a U.S. carrier, you might be lucky to get water in flight. But many foreign carriers will supply you with helpful items in flight such as baby food, infant formula, toddler snacks, and possibly even diapering packs if you contact reservations in advance. (See the airlines comparison chart in Travels with Baby for more details.)