Ngorongoro Crater Experience with Kids

There was one piece of consistent advice when I was planning our family safari to Africa. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania is an absolute must-experience destination. We ended up adding it to our itinerary at the very last minute. Indeed, this is a very, very special place and I’m thrilled we were able to see it.

The star of the show in this area is the main Ngorongoro crater, a massive, unbroken volcanic caldera …


&Beyond Expectations in Africa

People refer to a vacation in Africa as a trip of a lifetime. And it is. Traveling to this continent is a big trip in every way — the preparation, expense, travel time required to get there — are consequential.

What really makes it a trip of a lifetime, however, is the wondrous experience of being in a place where you are able to witness the very essence of our world in the most powerful and authentic way, i.e. one that is raw and unadulterated. What you experience life changing …


African Lion Hunt for Photo Friday

I took 1,300 photos on our recent family safari vacation in Kenya and Tanzania. Enough fodder for Photo Friday for the next few years!

I’ll be judicious, however, and just feature the photos of moments that really wowed us. I’m going to start with a biggie — photos of a kill from start to finish. Witnessing one of Africa’s great cats hunt is absolutely fascinating and elicits a range of emotions: excitement, joy, sadness …


Family Safari in Africa FAQ

My dream of taking a family safari in Africa was fulfilled last week; we just returned from a 9-day vacation in Kenya and Tanzania. We visited the Masai Mara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Lake Manyara national parks. I learned so much during the planning and execution of this trip — my head is spinning with all the details and tips I want to share.

Our trip was absolutely phenomenal in every way — a true experience of a lifetime.