South America Family Travel 101: Our Best Insider Tips

South America is a rewarding travel destination for families because it offers a diverse range of experiences. On one hand, it’s a cultural treasure of colonial architecture, indigenous communities and natural beauty. On the other, it feels far outside of most families’ comfort zone, with the challenges inherent in visiting developing countries. The following tips and guidelines…

Fall Travel, Favorite Spots for Leaf Peeping

Many people are willing to drive great lengths to see leaves change in the fall. That’s me! Fall is my favorite time of year to travel.

This season, we’re participating in holiday travel blog caravan on Best Family Travel Advice. Our contributing experts as well as bloggers from around the world will share their best tips for traveling with kids by answering a weekly question. Given that fall has officially begun, we’re kicking things off with an important topic: What are some great locations to see fall foliage with kids?

Where to Stay at Atlantis Resort

The Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas is an amazing seaside playground for kids and grownups. From the large water park, to the amazing number of marine animals, to the 11 pools, Atlantis offers tons to do – all of it with a beach view.

I stayed at Atlantis with my then four-year-old son in the winter of 2010 (we were hosted by the resort, LEGO, and JetBlue) and we spent our three days there exploring every corner of this enormous resort …

Announcing Best Family Travel Advice!

Have a family travel-related question? Ask an expert!

I’m thrilled to announce our participation in an exciting new project, Best Family Travel Advice. We’re collaborating with the top family travel bloggers to offer families an invaluable resource. You can ask any question you want and one or more of us will answer it!

The beauty of Best Family Travel Advice is you can ask questions relevant to an upcoming trip and get a customized response.