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Berlin with Kids: Essential Travel Tips

How to Explain Germany’s History to Children

When I told my eight-year-old daughter that I was researching a holiday in Berlin, she asked me where that was. When I told her it was in Germany she looked at me horrified, ‘Weren’t “we” at war with Germany?’ she asked. ‘Didn’t “they” do really bad things?’

‘Yes’ and ‘Yes’ was the answer, ‘but…’

How do you explain that ‘but’?

Della Robbia Apartment Florence Italy

Live Like a Local in Florence

Many families prefer renting apartments in European cities as they offer more value and living space than traditional hotel rooms.

My issue with apartments is that standalone units can be a quality risk unless you are diligent about checking references (see my post on finding the best family-friendly vacation rental for more tips and links to resources). Moreover, the management of an apartment may be nonexistent which leaves you without someone to help with planning and logistics in a foreign environment.