Photo Friday: Hiking South of Lake Tahoe

One nice thing about the baby and early toddler years from a travel perspective is that young kids are so portable. During those years for us, this meant that we continued to do of one our favorite activities — hiking — during the summer months in and around Lake Tahoe. We simply put Devon in a backpack and off we went …

We have great memories of our outdoor adventures when Devon was young. Five years later, he is just starting to enjoy hiking with us. There is a bit of bribery that happens on the trail, but if we keep the hikes to 3 miles round trip, everyone remains happy.

One of the places we love to stay with him during our mountain excursions is Sorensen’s Resort, located 45 minutes South of Lake Tahoe. This is one of those timeless, family-run properties that people go back to year-after-year.  Guests stay in log cabins that are simple but comfortable, and the hiking in this area is fantastic.

For us, Sorensen’s has the benefit of camping in terms of proximity to nature, without all the hassle. Plus, cabins have kitchens and showers, and the onsite restaurant is delicious. The wildflowers in July are insane …

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  1. It looks like a beautiful place – those flowers are stunning. We love hiking with our children too, I’ve found chocolate is a great motivator!

  2. I remember going bushwalking (what Australians call hiking) with my mother when I was little. I loved it! I have no memories of it until I was about eight but Mum says I loved it before then too.

  3. I have fond memories from a trip that we took to Lake Tahoe as a teenager. I remember the lake was cold! Brrr!

  4. The contrast of the snow and the greenery in the middle picture is wonderful. I’ll need to look up Sorensen’s, sounds like a winner!

  5. Beautiful photos! Brings back memories. What a cute little face poking out! 😉

    I think it’s great to start hiking young with kids and we started when my daughter was 2. One of the only advantages of having a baby that walks at 6m and ran faster than me at 9m, was this kid can walk, run & hike forever. It’s been very handy on our world tour. 😉

    We lived in the Santa Cruz mountains when she was born & her first 5 years, so she was use to doing lots of walking from the start… as just getting our mail was long daily trek. 😉 We never owned a stroller, so I think it really helped that she walked so much from early on.

    She can still out run & walk me, but luckily her athletic dad can keep up with her. One of our great joys during our world travels are long hikes and bike rides in new countries.

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