The Ciao Bambino Story

I thought the year-long travel sabbatical my husband and I took in 2001 would take care of my international travel bug and allow me to happily settle down in one place and start a family. I should have known better — this last hurrah before motherhood only intensified my desire to travel as often as possible.

During my pregnancy this realization didn’t bother me because I assumed my travel experience would enable me to overcome any logistical hurdle I might face traveling with a baby. It didn’t take many days as a new mother to realize that my previous perspective and experience were now irrelevant — traveling with children involves an entirely different set of requirements and practicalities. What supplies and equipment do I need to bring with me?  Which hotels have the best family-friendly room configurations?

I searched extensively for credible resources to provide family-focused advice, direction, and useful accommodation information. I quickly realized that there were no relevant resources available, particularly for a discerning traveler. I decided to help solve this problem and started building Ciao Bambino in late 2003.

The foundation of our service has always been finding great places to stay — a big part of taking the fear out of traveling with children is knowing what to expect after arriving at a new destination. Parents also need to be confident that they will have the resources necessary to make the trip enjoyable for every family member.

Ciao Bambino has helped thousands of families travel successfully. We don’t believe parents need to give up incredible travel experiences just because they have children, not to mention that travel is one of the most powerful ways to meaningfully educate children and have them become ambassadors for the conservation of our planet.

We hope our services inspire families to explore the world together!

Ciao and happy travels,

Amie O’Shaughnessy
Founder, Ciao Bambino! Inc.