Looking for a Yummy Father’s Day Breakfast Recipe?

Here’s the typical breakdown of Mother’s Day vs. Father’s Day: Mom gets breakfast in bed on her day and Dad gets to grill something on the barbecue on his day. Why not reverse the traditions? I don’t know a man who wouldn’t love a tray laden with food coming through his bedroom door the morning of Sunday, June 21.

It shoudn’t be something delicate, like a scone and strawberries and a vase of flowers, but it shouldn’t be a knife-and-fork affair like steak and eggs, either. Recently I posted a recipe on my site that strikes the perfect balance. Scrambled eggs mixed with green onions and cheese for a little heft, scooped onto a toasted slice of good bread and topped with roasted asparagus. Tasteful, stylish, original (just like him?).

It’s also a dish that small hands can help make. The bread and asparagus have to be brushed with oil, so that appeals to the painter in the family. The eggs have to be gently pushed around in the pan and any age can do that. And arranging it on the plate is no harder than playing with blocks: bread first, then eggs, then asparagus. Creative types could stack those spears Pick-Up-Sticks–style. Add a few sliced peaches and a cup of really good coffee and it’s a darn healthy meal. Now, whether or not Mom is willing to grill on her day next year is something that remains to be seen.

Link to recipe for Scrambled Eggs & Asparagus on Toast

Tori Ritchie is a San Francisco–based cooking teacher and cookbook author whose website tuesdayrecipe.com features a new recipe sent to your inbox every week. On Father’s Day this year, she’ll be teaching an Italian cooking class in San Francisco. Hopefully there will be some dads and sons or daughters there.

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