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Family Travel Growth on the Web

Ciao Bambino is one of the old-timers in the Internet family travel world. When I started the company in 2004 as a planning service for families traveling to Italy, there were few online resources offering advice to people traveling with kids.

The family travel space has exploded over the last year alone with new websites and blogs popping up every day. We recently announced a partnership with the Nile Guide where we developed family-focused activity guides for top family destinations using their customizable planning tools; one of the most exciting elements of the partnership is that a large, broadly focused website asked us for our expert advice because they are serious about providing reliable and credible family travel content. Progress!

family travel growth on web

Moreover, other big travel players like Trip Advisor and Luxury Link (Family Getaway) are spending time and resources in an effort to attract family-focused readers and buyers. You know how this game goes, others are certain to follow suit.

Intelligent Travel (National Geographic) published a list of family travel websites in an article last week. Unfortunately, Ciao Bambino was not included in the round up; I was consoled by the fact a long list of fellow independent family travel blogs and websites were left off the list too.

Ciao Bambino is part of a fast-growing community of independent family travel sites and blogs providing essential and much-loved guidance to families everywhere. Those who find us are grateful. We are parents writing for parents and our content is relevant and reliable.

All the family travel blogs contribute something unique to a subject that is highly personal. By nature, this means that one website can’t provide all the answers — the best way to dream about or plan for a trip is to use a combination of all the websites that speak to you.

There are many wonderful resources online today. Here’s a list of the sites that are top of mind for me today (in random order). I’m sure I’ve missed important sites — who else should be included on every parent’s travel bookmark list?

Mother of All Trips


The Vacation Gals

Travel Savvy Mom

Delicious Baby

See Jane Fly

Travels with Clara

Keeps Me Smiling

Backpack to Buggy

Find and Go Seek


Taking the Kids

Babyccino Kids

Take the Family

Wandering Off

From Here to Uncertainty

Double the Adventure


Pit Stops for Kids

Traveling Mom

Luxury Travel Mom

Wandering Educators

The Q Family Adventures

My Little Swans

Travel Mamas

NY City Mama

The World is Calling

Family Rambling

Have Baby Will Travel

Have Kids Will Travel

Travels with Baby


Travel with Teens and Tweens

Hip Travel Mama

Cascadia Kids

Travel is More Fun with Kids

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish

Kids Go West

Two Kids and a Map

Family of Four Explorers

Nick Bowditch Travel

Cairns Family Holidays

Road Trips for Families

Frisco Kids

Best Kid-Friendly Travel

Kids Can Travel

Big Family Vacations

The Silent I

Travel Dither

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  • Wow! Thank you for the mention and recognition! To be listed on your site, and among such great family travel sites is a great honor…so many of these (yours including) are my favorites as well : )

  • Thank you for including me in the list. I feel so honored because I have been a big fan of many of the family travel blogs you have on the list. To be in the same list! Wow! 🙂
    Now I have discovered a few more from your list. Thank you!
    I also follow a few other family travel blogs not mentioned here that I would love to add.
    – Kids Go West
    – Two Kids and A Map
    Great resource!

  • I couldn’t agree more!
    We started our open ended, non-stop family world tour & blog in 2006, which is very old for one written by a single writer, so fun to read you are even older! 😉
    Great perspective, great list. I’m grateful & honored to be included!

  • Thank you so much for adding me to this list. I’ve been reading some of the people on this list for years! Really a huge honor.

  • That’s a great list…some of my favorites are on there and some new ones, too. Thanks for the continued inspiration and for including us on your list. Look forward to hearing more about your new endeavor. Headed out the door right now for a ski trip in the Bavarian Alps…wish us luck, our first family ski trip! I have been reading through all of your recent ski posts for advice 🙂

  • Thank you so much for including SixSuitcaseTravel on the list! I appreciate all your help and support!
    This is a great list of family travel sites filled with very kind and helpful people.
    Thanks again!

  • You’ve compiled a great list of family travel websites, and echo #11’s comment re: readability of your site.
    If you’ve got room for some more family travel info sites (and some Canadian content), may I humbly offer my blog site for your consideration –
    Thanks and cheers!

  • We love this list and plan to 1) add those new to us to our bookmarks, and 2) jot down all of them and post them on our wall!
    For those with 3 kids and needing a hotel room big enough for a family of 5 in major cities, check our site, called, you guessed it,

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