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Dana’s 7 Links: Oldies but Goodies

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My 7 Links is a great idea dreamed up by our friends at Tripbase aimed at getting great posts the second read they deserve. Bloggers from all around the globe are linking back to oldies but goodies from their past. Amie dusted off some great reads a few weeks ago. Now it’s my turn. Thanks to Corinne McDermott from Have Baby Will Travel for inviting me to throw my pieces into the mix.


Most Popular Post

Kid & Kritters:Thank goodness for digital cameras! When my family goes on vacation it seems as though we take a picture of every animal we see. I think I have just as many pictures of French snails as I do of the Eiffel Tower. Bottom line, animals make for happy kids and happy kids make for happy parents.

Most Controversial Post

Zipping Through the California Wine Country,Grab the Family and Dive into the Wine Country: Maybe not controversial, but how about myth-breaking. My family’s had our fair share of stay-cation type trips this summer. And you could say I’ve been on a quest to destroy the bad reputation California Wine Country has for being anti-family. A series of sorts, these two posts drive the message home.

Most Helpful Post

Yosemite Family Travel Guide: Visiting Yosemite National Park is something every family should put on their family vacation “to do” list. But doing it right takes planning, and the steps you have to go through to snag camping reservations can be a little intimidating.

Post Whose Success Surprised Me

Vegas Baby … But Vegas for Babies?!: Vegas could be the ultimate playground. Why should adults be the only ones who get to enjoy it? For so many of the reasons grown-ups enjoy Vegas, kids love it too. I just never expected so many parents to get excited about a family vacation to “Sin City”.

A Post That Didn’t Get the Attention It Deserved

Photo Friday: Northern Ireland with Kids: If Ireland is the black sheep of Europe, what does that make Northern Ireland? There’s so much more to this place than fabulous sweaters!

Post I Am Most Proud Of

Families & Madrid … A Perfect Mix: This was the very first post I did after leaving behind my career as a television news producer. I was pretty much clueless, and just went with my instincts when I put the blog post together. Years later, I still love reading it!

Most Beautiful Post

Traveling China With Kids: Preparing Young Travelers for Long-Distance Vacations: Every time I look at this post I’m reminded of how stunning China is and what an incredible trip my family had. It was not a relaxing vacation. We were constantly on the move, learning every step along the way and exhausted by the end. Both my girls slept for the entire 13 hour flight home.

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